Friday, March 31, 2006 

New Floor+Poker+Dog x 3 = No Profit

So, last night I ended up not making any money, but I also didn’t loose any money. I Had an extremely hard time concentrating last night. Really shouldn’t have been playing. We’re right in the thick of having our floors tiled. When I got home last night, there were areas one could walk, and large areas where one could not walk. Trying to feed 3 large dogs, let them out, play with them etc. is just not an easy task as your trying to let tile set. As a result, found myself holed up in the bedroom with 3 dogs and a laptop. Started a few tournaments when the dogs calmed down, but that was just the calm before the storm. Needless to say, I was unable to properly concentrate.

After loosing 2 sit n gos and a MTT, finally said screw it and threw everything in to one large sit n go. At this point, things finally calmed down. While making the decision to play in a larger sit n go was most likely not wise at the time, it ended up bringing me back to even. Placed 2nd. Ended the evening there.

Focus is obviously key. While life happens, one really should stop and regroup before playing poker. While that may seem obvious to most, playing each day online almost becomes habit. You get in to a rhythm of sorts. The lesson I need to practice is to avoid investing dead money. If I can’t devote the time to properly focus, I’m saving money by not playing. I will be attempting to incorporate this mantra moving forward.

Captain Obvious, signing off…

Thursday, March 30, 2006 

Wednesday's Tournament

Had a good showing last night for the most part. Decided to take a break from the wonderful world of online poker and make an appearance at a local monthly tournament here in town. This guy runs a pretty good game. Usually has 1-2 no limit game several times a week, but every last Wednesday of the month, he’ll host a $100 tournament with live action following. Last nights buy in was only $75 + $15 for some reason. Didn’t get the details on the reduced buy in.

I enjoy hitting this tournament up for the simple fact you’re playing in a field where everyone thinks they’re a professional. You can double up fairly quickly if you wait for your hand with these people. The risk however is the sheer amount of donkeys at this game. That’s how it goes though. Of the 30 or so people I played with last night, there was only one individual that really stood out with any sense of talent or skill. He ended up with an extremely healthy stack half way through. However, as the blinds kept increasing, short stacks made moves, and he couldn’t just let them go. He ended up doubling up every short stack on my table. While his early play was impressive, it was interesting to see him implode later on. His play would make for a good study, however, I’ll save my two cents.

As for my performance, I really just waited and waited. I threw a few bluffs out there and was successful in my attempts. When I finally did find a few hands, ended up taking some hard hits. Found KK in decent position twice with callers each time. My kings went down both times to lower pocket pairs hitting straights of all things on the river. Kings were my bane last night. But the good news is that while tempted to let this send me on tilt, I regrouped and kept my focus. In the past, in scenarios with KK, QQ, JJ, I’m often tempted to get ALL of my chips in the middle. I’ve adjusted this approach and while I make considerable raises, I’m trying not to risk my entire tournament on these impressive starting hands. This strategy appears to hold merit these past few weeks.

As the tournament continued, did find several more good hands that I hit and run with. Ended up trying to make a decent move for every passing of the button. This allowed me to stick and jab and continue scooping smaller pots. I believe I was only involved in one very large pot where I call an all in bet with my K7 suited. He held pocket deuces. I caught a 7 on the flop and he was out. This did well for my confidence as this individual was responsible for drawing out on me against my KK’s earlier.

As the tournament got down to the final table I found myself with a decent stack. Maybe 4th best. Tournament paid out 4 spots. I decided to slow things down and wait for my move in hopes of these eager young guns knocking each other out. Action bounced around for a while with nobody sent packing. As a result, the blinds took a huge jump which caused some turmoil, but the guy running the show was adamant about the blind spike which in the end, I respected. However, I now found my stack severely depleted. Made a few key bluffs, and ended up w/ pocket AA’s at one point which allowed me a considerable amount of breathing room. At this point, people finally did start knocking each other out. Before I knew it, we were battling it out on the bubble. Minded my p’s and q’s and worked myself in to the money. Next thing I know, 4th place get’s knocked out and we’re now playing for 3rd. Action is fairly mundane at this point, blinds post, raise, fold fold. Worked for me for a little while. Ended up with JQ suited. I don’t think I made a bad play, but I ended up pushing in the small blind hoping to pick up the caller and the big blind. As it turns out, the caller calls my all in bet with A4 suited. Blanks all the way down to the river. He takes my chips with the better kicker.

In hindsight, had I just waited for a better hand, I’m sure I would have walked away with first place. But thought I was in a good spot to pick up those chips with that move. I’m not going to beat myself up over it and play the guessing game. Overall, I feel I played a very good tournament. Was pleased to walk away with 3rd. Just burns you when you know the two you left playing heads up are not in your same class. And I realize that may sound a bit egotistical, but I suppose you have to have an ego to do well in the poker world.

Was a decent evening of live poker. I really do miss getting out from behind my computer and playing in person. Personal commitments to family, work, etc. has made it hard to do the live play thing as of late. But, I do plan on getting out and about as much as possible before the WSOP. And of course, I’ll keep everyone posted on my progress.


Wednesday, March 29, 2006 


Pardon my silence these last few days. Took a pretty good beating over the weekend and was not feeling “inspired”. Luckily, the show must go on and I’m now in better spirits.

While it’s easy to gripe about how unlucky one can be the fact is, after careful analyses, there’s not much I would have done differently these past few days. I played my game, got my money in on the best hands, was beat on the river virtually every time. I know better to think this way, but after you make a withdrawal on your poker site, you always tend to wonder if your string of bad luck that soon follows has anything to do with said withdrawal. I realize that’s silly, and I know that’s simply not the case. But if there are poker gods, superstition deities, whatever…someone please let me know how to please them. If a must sacrifice a young virgin, then so be it. (hopefully they’ll settle for a rooster, don’t know many virgins)

Anyway, enough of the superstition factor and blaming luck. The cards will turn and soon be working to my advantage.

I’ll write more this evening…


Friday, March 24, 2006 

The Day After

Didn’t have an opportunity to update my progress last night, so here I am, doing so now.

Nothing overly productive happened last night. Started out around $150, ended at $145. Worked it up to $200 at one point but took a horrible beat in a $38 6handed sit n go. While we’re talking about this horrible beat, let me just get this hand off my chest.

I’m holding KK. I make a raise, I get re-raised. I double his bet and push back at his. He goes all in. At this point, I’m committed so I call his bet which puts me all in. Figured I would see him turn AA. Turns out he’s pushing with 22. Typically in the $38 sit n gos, you see a better caliber of player on PokerStars, so for this guy to play back at me with this hand was a little surprising. Before I even see the board, I know how this is going to turn out. Sigh. Flop comes…. 2 10 K. First thing I see is the deuce and I naturally blow a gasket but find myself not surprised. Then I realize there’s a King on the board. At that point I apologize to the poker gods and thank them profusely. I was obviously being hasty and felt it necessary to send them my praise. Turn comes blank. River-deuce. At this point, I don’t even get upset, I don’t say a word to the other players. I just shut the computer down and proceeded to eat an éclair.

In the end, this beat probably saved me money. Had I been stubborn, as I often can be, I would have taken that beat as a personal affront and returned back to the tables angry. And as I covered in an earlier post, I can not play well when angry.


May or may not play this evening. I typically use Friday evenings as a break from everything. But I’m feeling under the weather and may just head home after work. If that’s the case, may get in a few tournaments tonight. While the quest for the WSOP continues, I may take an active interest in this week’s big tournament on PokerStars. Sunday’s offering brings a $1,000 buy in with satellites going off all the time. Satellites are a bit pricey, but if I take a jump up tonight or tomorrow, may take a stab at it. We shall see.

Glad it’s Friday


Wednesday, March 22, 2006 

Short and Sweet

Quick update for tonight. Made a bit more.

Tonight's Balance: $164.53

Made a decision to take a jump up and concentrate on $38 sit n gos.
Went fairly well obviously. Again, could have been goes

On the
WSOP front, spent some W$ on a few double shootouts for Sunday's
big satellite. First one made it to 14th, close to the final
table...just didn't make it. Second one just went bad.

For what it's worth, went to bed last night thinking hard on previous
hands, what I was doing right, doing wrong. While I believe technique
wise, I was doing well, one thing I've not taken time to remind myself
of, is simply having a winning attitude. May sound silly. But I
swear, when I walk in to a tournament and tell myself, "I'm GOING to
win this tournament", and I keep reminding myself of this fact,
something clicks. Not sure if it's a matter of psyching myself up,
getting in to a "zone", whatever. But positive thinking goes
considerably far. You can play the right cards every hand, but if you
don't have that extra little something behind you, you'll never get

The morale of this story? Be the ball! =)

Anyway, long day. Going to bed. Hope to concentrate on some strategy/insight tomorrow.




Another crazy evening of strange beats. One of those nights where you
know you did exactly as you should...but all the "books" tell you to
endure. The beats will even out. Still a hard pill to swallow.

Online poker is a fickle beast. When you're up, whatever site you're
on is the greatest site out there. When your down and taking bad
beats, you really start to wonder, "did I piss somebody off at
PokerStars?". I know better than anyone that's just ridiculous...but
every once in a while, you just have to think back on your day and
wonder if you really screwed with the Karma gods.

Anyway...despite my bitching, I'm actually up a tiny bit tonight. Starting balance was $80ish.

End balance: $115.03

Small step in the right direction, but I'll take it. Had my coin flips
gone the other way, I would have been better than double that amount
tonight. Suppose that's why I'm as frustrated as I am.

On a different matter...
I've been downloading a lot of poker podcasts lately and really spent
some time on Bankroll Management today in the car. Really got me to
thinking. After listening to several "pros", I figure this will be a
good topic to really dig deeper in to. Stay tuned for my take on
bankroll management.

Going to bed...


Monday, March 20, 2006 

Typical Monday Night

Tonight's round up:

$10.50 Heads Up sit n go
1st place $20.00 cashed

$13 sit n go 6 handed
4th place no cash

$13 sit n go 6 handed
3rd place no cash

$11 MTT
76th place $30.30 cashed

Balance: $84.03

I find myself getting no where quickly. My sit n go's tonight were shitty, obviously. But I was doing fairly well in the MTT. Was in line for a pretty good finish. Was stacked pretty well in middle position. Early position goes all in with a little more than my stack. I had QQ. Button re-raises all in. Early position turns over, Q10 clubs. Button turns over JJ. I've got the best hand going in. I'll let all you playing at home figure out who won...and who didn't. Sigh.




So, you’re two off from the bubble. First place would let you pay off quite a few debts. Would be real nice to cash deep in this tournament. You push all in with AK clubs suited thinking it’s best to go for the win rather then settle for a minimal profit just getting past the bubble. You’re thinking you’ll just pick up the blinds and be done with it.

Phone starts to ring. You ignore it.

One caller. Large stacked.

Dog start’s scratching the door.

Cards turn over. He reveals Kc Kd. Shit!

Dog gets a strange look in his eye.

Flop comes Qd 10c Jd

Not looking good.

Dog #1 starts heaving.

I start calculating my odds as I yell to my dog to STOP!!!

Turn brings 7 of diamonds now giving my fine feathered friend a flush draw to boot.

Dog #2 begins eating vomit.

I holler at both dogs resulting in a knocked over lamp.

I step in the hidden vomit behind my chair.

Wife starts yelling from the other room talking about office gossip and why I’m not paying attention.

River brings an Ace of Spades.

People wonder why my hair is turning grey at 31. Sigh.

Needless to say, distractions are part of life when playing poker online and off. Unfortunately, distractions are far more rampant in my online world than I would like. Dealing with those distractions are not easy. How does one juggle such distractions and be successful? While I would love to be the all knowing poker guru, the truth is, I don’t have all the answers. Common sense would suggest I limit my distractions. And while that may seem far easier said than done, it really does help. While life continues to happen, even when I’m playing poker, there are in fact things I can do to ensure I have a limited amount of interruptions while playing. Let the dogs out. Eat dinner BEFORE I begin a tournament. Use the bathroom myself. Get that snack ready before starting. Turn the phone off. Actually have a discussion with my wife prior to the tournament. Spend time with said wife prior to tournament. I should mention here that I list these items in no particular order.

While taking care of such mundane, common items; the reality is that if I spent the sheer amount of time addressing these items, I would have no time left to myself to play poker. I’m a fairly busy person. I work a pretty long work day. I do try to “communicate” with my wife when I get home. I do try and sit down to dinner. But like many, I gotta get my poker fix and often jump online as quickly as possible and begin my nightly poker session. Every minute not playing is subtracting from my bankroll. I’ll set up shop with my laptop out in the living room. I’ll eat dinner at the same time, watch television. Jump up and grab a snack in between hands, use the bathroom while pissing people off at the table. Let the dogs in and out, etc.

For me, the data is obvious. When I endure more distractions, I make less money, less final tables, less first place finishes.

When I’ve locked myself away in my home office away from the world, I’ve walked away with several respectable wins.

Problem with locking myself away though, it severely hinders my home life. How does one balance? I thought the balance was taking the laptop out to the living room, but I’m starting to wonder how much that has actually cost me in the long run. It might be time for me to re-evaluate and make some decisions. Perhaps nights without any online play and balancing those nights with poker nights. Who knows.

The search for eternal poker enlightenment continues. I’m sure I’ll have more to say on this topic as the WSOP draws closer. Until then, avoid the dog vomit.



Weekend Pretty Much Sucked

After everything is said and done, this weekend pretty much sucked in the grand poker scheme. Granted, had some good, quality “home” time which was long overdue. But on the poker front, I fell far short of my goals and objectives. Yesterday I posted my weekend recap but didn’t offer any explanation as to why I took the path I did. My mindset went like this:

I’ve been flirting with the $100 benchmark now for a good week. Haven’t gone too far up or too far down. So, the plan was to play in several smaller sit n go’s and take the proceeds and apply them toward bigger, better tournaments. In other works, take those proceeds and directly enter satellites for the WSOP and the weekly $215 MTT. As a result, played in several small tourneys and did well Saturday but kept blowing it in the satellites. So on and so forth Sunday. Came extremely close for the $215 satellite, but still ended up short. So, while I continue to go up and down, I am falling short of my goals and need to get back on track.

Tonight’s plan while incomplete will most likely focus on getting in to the black. Right now, if we do that math, I’m working in the red which puts added pressure on my game. Although, often times I feel I play better when behind the 8 ball. So, I plan on doing my typical $11 MTT, but I think I might shake things up a little tonight and work on my “short game”. Think I might do some Heads Up tourneys and see where they lead me. I think it’s always good to get back in to heads up action to continue the refinement process. While making the money in the larger tournaments is great, it is not often one makes it to the final 2. And while this happens more often in sit n go’s, I like the added pressure with simple, heads up action. More pressure with a winner takes all approach. Keeps the mind sharp. It’s easy to play in large tournaments and get distracted. I’m very guilty of multi tasking during online tournaments. I do a lot of “surfing” while between hands. I believe this hinders my game a great deal. I’ll actually be taking a deeper look in to this very subject down the line.

I’ll be back in the thick of it tonight. Until then…


Sunday, March 19, 2006 

Weekend Recap

More up's and down's. Didn't play Friday. St. Patty's day afterall. Here's how things shake down:

knocked out of the $11 MTT.

$13 sit n go 6 handed
2nd place $25.20 cashed

$13 sit n go 6 handed
2nd place $25.20 cashed

$29 sit n go sattelite to Sunday's $200 MTT.
3rd place no cash

$13 sit n go 6 handed
3rd place no cash

End balance: $90.20


$13 sit n go 6 handed
2nd place $25.20 cashed

$13 sit n go 6 handed
6th place no cash

$13 sit n go 6 handed
1st place $46.80 cashed

$29 sit n go sattelite to Sunday's $200 MTT.
4th place no cash

$13 sit n go 6 handed
1st place $46.80 cashed

$13 sit n go 6 handed
6th place no cash

$13 sit n go 6 handed
4th place no cash

$22 MTT

$13 sit n go 6 handed
1st place $46.80 cashed

$13 sit n go 6 handed
6th place no cash

$13 sit n go 6 handed
4th place no cash

$13 sit n go 6 handed
3rd place no cash

$11 MTT
122nd place $17.43 cashed

End Balance: $81.23

Thursday, March 16, 2006 

Up Down, Up Down...

Nothing much to report. After everything is said and done, up $10 from yesterday. Here's the breakdown:

knocked out of the $11 MTT. Pushed w/ AK. Two callers, AQ and KK. KK took it.

$13 sit n go 6 handed
1st place $46.80 cashed

$38 sit n go 6 handed
6th place no cash.
Got aggresive w/ AQ suited early on. 777 on the flop. I bet, he raised. I end up keeping witht the agression. Didn't put him on anything. Long story short, he slow played KK. Game over.

Back to $13 sit no go
2nd place $25.20 cashed

$13 sit n go 6 handed
2nd place $25.20 cashed

Total Bankroll: $118.80

I'll be in Vegas in no time!

Until tomorrow...


Tonight's Gameplan

To be brief...tonight's plan is as follows:

Play in the $11 MTT

Start w/ $13 6 handed sit n go
If I place in the money, first or second, upgrade to the $38 6 handed sit n go
Place in the money there, upgrade to the $110 6 handed sit n go

Really want to take a leap and get a jump on this bankroll so I can finance some of these rebuy WSOP satellites.

Updates to follow


Wednesday, March 15, 2006 

A little better

Alright, so tonight went a little better. Here's the goods:

$13 sit n go 6 handed

2nd place $25.20 cashed

$11 MTT

Knocked out

$13 sit n go 6 handed

2nd place $25.20 cashed

$13 sit n go 6 handed

1st place $46.80

Night's end bankroll: $109.60

Ended up putting a wee bit back in my account. After a deposit of $50
and a shitty past few day's, wasn't really looking to think too far
outside the box. With that in mind, just set forward to stick to a few
small sit n go's while taking part in my nightly $11 MTT. Sit n go's
went well. Cashed in all 3. Busted out in the middle of the MTT.
Wasn't really feeling it anyway.

Two things to take note of which can be contributed to my small success tonight.

  • Came home in a good mood
  • Beer

Maybe that's the secret to successful poker. Being in a good mood and
Beer. Really, what more could one want when playing poker? Happiness
and alcohol. Came home tonight happy, had a good dinner, had a few
beers and signed on. Went from there.

Maybe I'll apply this little epiphany to other areas of my life.

Show up to work in a good mood, drink beer...successful day.

Show up to sex in a good mood, drink beer, successful sex.

Show up to marriage in a good mood, drink beer, successful marriage.

Hmmm...possibilities are endless.

Anyway, not going to over analyze tonight's play. I think the fine
tooth comb I'm bringing in to this might be screwing with my head.
Think I'm going to call it a night and play some Xbox 360. Hooked on
this damn Fight Night.



Tuesday, March 14, 2006 

Tonight's Roundup

Not a very productive night, obviously. Actually, extremely unproductive. Just got knocked out at 180 out of 1434 in the $11 MTT. Was doing fairly well but took two hard beats. Got aggresive with AJ and AK. Lost both to mid to high pocket pairs. Couldn't win any of my coin flips tonight. That's how it goes. Figured it was best to be aggressive with these hands at this stage of the tournament. Wanted to get in to the money with an aggressive chip stack. Wasn't willing to find myself shortstacked tonight. Sucks, mind you. But there's always tomorrow.

Current bankroll, $12. lol

Certainly glad I had a good few weeks leading up to my recent withdrawl. Sigh. Hate going backwards, but gotta ride it out.

More tomorrow


Summary Thus Far

$13 6 handed sit n go
3rd place. No payout

$11 MTT
Still going

$13 6 handed sit n go
5th place. No payout

$13 6 handed sit n go
3rd place. No payout

Starting to get frustrated. Into my 3rd sit n go without cashing. Doing alright in my MTT. Found pocket jacks and doubled up. Playing things slow on this table for now.

Busted out 3rd place on this 3rd sit n go. Did everything right. Waited for my hand. Pushed all in with A 10. Big stack calls with 88. I hit an Ace on the flop. He hits an 8 on the turn. End of story. Starting to feel shell shocked.

$13 6 handed sit n go
4th place. No payout

That's it for sit n go's tonight. Still going in my MTT. 135 places paying tonight. Currently 164 out of 530.

MTT update
102 out of 264


Tonight's Goals

Aside from earning a WSOP seat tonight, the plan will be to practice patience and slow down. Going to start small and build my way up this evening. It's 7:15pm and I'm just now sitting down to relax let alone play some poker. Probably mess with a few sit n go's and play the $11 MTT at 7:45. We'll see what happens from there. -Adam

Monday, March 13, 2006 

Getting Started

The fact is I rarely divulge earnings, losses, bad beats, etc. when it comes to my online play. However, to provide some level of clarity and where I currently stand in the grand scheme of things, here's how things currently shape up:

Recently removed my PokerStars "bankroll". For the sake of tracking and starting out at a minimum; I deposited $100 back in this evening starting me with $120. Tonights play went as follows:

  • Played two $13 Sit n Go's 6 handed. Lost both.
  • Played the 7:45pm $11 MTT. Got knocked out early with pocket aces. Pushed and got run down by runner runner straight.
  • Played a $38 Sit n Go 6 handed, busted out 3rd place. No money. Found myself quickly down to $39 in my bank. lol. Talk about a quick night.
  • Took one last stab at a $38 Sit n Go 6 hander and cruised in to second place earning $73 bucks.
  • Current bank: $75.40
Would rate my play tonight poor at best. Upset not turning a profit tonight. Was anxious to use those earnings toward WSOP satellites. Far too many distractions tonight. Found myself rather pissy to boot. Playing upset really does impact my performance. I often push forward playing through bad moods but always find it a horrible idea. My thinking is that I'll take that frustration and dominate my opponents, but it just doesn't work like that in my happy little world. The lesson? Less distractions, never play upset. Further review of my play tonight would also suggest I was too eager to perform. I wanted to hurry up and turn a profit which clouded my judgment. I normally have a patient strategy in these Sit n Go's, but when I get anxious, I play far too many hands. This is a self discipline I really want to address. Enough of the self criticism tonight. Time for some cold pizza and a decent nights sleep. -Adam


The Hunt Begins...

Well, it’s that time of year again where I make whatever strides necessary to get my self out to Vegas. Last year when I was blogging about my trip to the WSOP I was able to muster some local interest amongst friends, family and some interesting strangers. Some have asked if I have already made plans for this year’s World Series and if I’ll be writing about it again. The answer is while I have not solidified my plans for the World Series of Poker as of yet, I have every intention of making it happen. Last years tournament was truly a life long dream come true and now that I’ve “tasted the fruit”, I will do whatever I have to do to make this a yearly trek.

In short, I plan on keeping a pretty up to date blog. While we have many months to go before this year’s World Series, I want to document my climb to get there. In a perfect world my poker earnings would be at a stage where I could just sign up, fly out there, and take part. However, I do not live in a perfect world. My goal will be to follow a similar path to last years. Winning my seat via PokerStars and earning their sponsorship was truly an amazing feat and experience. While every poker site out there now a days has their own version of WSOP promotions, I’m dedicated to PokerStars and plan on doing whatever I have to do to earn my way once again via Stars. So, with that in mind, Stars has just recently fired up their WSOP promotions. The hunt begins…

In an effort to get everyone up to speed on my recent poker progress:

Things have been semi quiet. I play virtually every day in the evening time on Stars but haven’t devoted any sense of hard core playing. I’ve been keeping pretty busy in Corporate America along with home life which severely limits any hard core poker time. In an effort to keep my mind sharp though, I continue to play in Sit n Goes, and multi table tournaments each evening. I’ve been fairly consistent with my multi table tournaments in that I continue to “make the money” a high percentage of the time. I’m also doing quite well in my sit n go’s. My most recent larger win came 2 weeks ago playing in one of the $20 180 people max tournaments PokerStars offers up. Placed first, split first and second place. Otherwise, nothing too significant recently. One of my larger issues right now is that while I make the money very consistently, I’m not leaving myself enough chips to win the tournament. While making the money is obviously paramount, one has to play to win the entire tournament. I’ll never get anywhere if I don’t adjust accordingly. My plan over the next few weeks will be to take a more aggressive approach while building large chip stacks as I go. By the time one enters the money, I want to be in a commanding position moving forward. Short term goals will entail a larger amount of final tables. Long term goals, obviously more first place finishes.

As for the financial aspect. I recently extracted most of my winnings from Stars in anticipation of the bonus promotions they have put in place for the WSOP. As a result, I’m probably going to put a chunk back in this evening and go from there. From there, I plan on concentrating on a few multi-table tournament while focusing on the already lucrative Sit n Go’s. Being that the SnG’s are my bread and butter, I feel it best that I continue to capitalize on this and use my winnings from this strategy toward my WSOP promotion entries. This time around I will be posting more information on my daily wins, losses, etc. While I rarely share bad beat stories, may see one or two of those here as well.

All in all, I would love to look back at this blog next year and re-live my road to the WSOP. While I was pretty faithful in my writings last year during the WSOP, I regret not spending more time documenting before hand.

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