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Friday, March 24, 2006 

The Day After

Didn’t have an opportunity to update my progress last night, so here I am, doing so now.

Nothing overly productive happened last night. Started out around $150, ended at $145. Worked it up to $200 at one point but took a horrible beat in a $38 6handed sit n go. While we’re talking about this horrible beat, let me just get this hand off my chest.

I’m holding KK. I make a raise, I get re-raised. I double his bet and push back at his. He goes all in. At this point, I’m committed so I call his bet which puts me all in. Figured I would see him turn AA. Turns out he’s pushing with 22. Typically in the $38 sit n gos, you see a better caliber of player on PokerStars, so for this guy to play back at me with this hand was a little surprising. Before I even see the board, I know how this is going to turn out. Sigh. Flop comes…. 2 10 K. First thing I see is the deuce and I naturally blow a gasket but find myself not surprised. Then I realize there’s a King on the board. At that point I apologize to the poker gods and thank them profusely. I was obviously being hasty and felt it necessary to send them my praise. Turn comes blank. River-deuce. At this point, I don’t even get upset, I don’t say a word to the other players. I just shut the computer down and proceeded to eat an éclair.

In the end, this beat probably saved me money. Had I been stubborn, as I often can be, I would have taken that beat as a personal affront and returned back to the tables angry. And as I covered in an earlier post, I can not play well when angry.


May or may not play this evening. I typically use Friday evenings as a break from everything. But I’m feeling under the weather and may just head home after work. If that’s the case, may get in a few tournaments tonight. While the quest for the WSOP continues, I may take an active interest in this week’s big tournament on PokerStars. Sunday’s offering brings a $1,000 buy in with satellites going off all the time. Satellites are a bit pricey, but if I take a jump up tonight or tomorrow, may take a stab at it. We shall see.

Glad it’s Friday


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