Wednesday, May 30, 2007 

Vegas Bound!

So, while I've been slumming it in the low limts...I've actually found myself on a good run of, shall we say luck? Whatever the reason, I've taken a leap of faith and am heading to Vegas tomorrow night. I am officially announcing my return from retirement. (never retired, but it's an excuse for being a shitty blogger)

Plan is simple. Going to hit The Venetian's Deep Stack on Friday then WSOP event #3 on Saturday. Will take it from there.

While I'm in town, going to do a little writing for as well as my blog. Perhaps get an interview or two. Going to fit in a lot in a short span of time. No sleep will be necessary. Anxious to see my old friend CrazyMan22, whom some of you may recognize from online poker fame. If anyone else is in town, let me know. I hear they have bars in Vegas.


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