Friday, September 30, 2005 

Friday Links

Well, I suppose anyone can win a tournament, might as well be a chef!
Tasty performance by hospital chef wins $1m poker tournament

This one's interesting. Apparently the WPT is biting back at the hand that feeds them. Should be interesting to see where the WPT ends up on T.V.
WPT: Network Withdraws "Pro Poker" Offer



News Worthy Stores to be Added

Okay, In an effort to keep the creative juices running, I’ll be incorporating useful links and interesting stories across the web into my poker blog.  While I continue to play everyday, I’ve not had much to report on these past few weeks other than online play.  Therefore, I’ve decided to keep a running tally of worthy news items in the poker community.  

So, with that in mind, do enjoy and keep an eye open.  I may just win a tournament here or there…


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