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Tuesday, June 24, 2008 

Blog Roll Round-Up

Recent Results
Not much to report in my world bankroll wise. I've been holding steady for about a week now. I've bought in to several SnG's along with at least one MTT every night and still find myself even for the week. Even ain't losing, so I ain't complaining. Had a deep finish two nights ago in the $32k guarantee on Full Tilt. 23rd out of 1527. Hope to keep up the pace. Hit the same tournament last night and was feeling good. Found myself short on chips going into the second break. Was looking to make a move and got caught when I did.

In Other News
I've been working on Part 2 to Tools of the Trade - Online Poker. I think the second installment will be a great read for anyone looking to gain the upper hand against their opponent. Should have that out later this week. Stay tuned.

Blog Roll Round-Up
I've been wanting to do this for a long time. Starting today, I will be highlighting content from various poker blogs across the web. Many will already be listed on my blogroll to the right, some will be new finds. Point is, if a fellow poker blog amuses me, educates me, or get's me thinking, I want to share while encoureging you to check them out. Here we go...

Poker Bullly
A huge congrats to the Poker Bully for qualifying on June 15th. Check out his step by step account of his huge win. Nice.

9-2 Offsuit
Check out RADII's recent post on how things can go horribly wrong with a cat while playing poker. This was a great post. Brings back A LOT of memories...some, not so long ago.

Okay, so it is painfully obvious I need to do some work on my blogroll. A lot of great writers I once followed regularly have closed up shop. I'll be working on updating the roll and adding new content. The mission begins...

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So when do I get a mention? I have quite the following...check it out.

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