Tuesday, July 26, 2005 

New Puppy

Meet Frank...
Okay, not poker related...but Dani and I got a new puppy this weekend. Been one helluva hand full. Here's some pics...

Ole blue eyes

Show me pouty...

Life is a blur

Ahhh, my first poop...

I'm a little shy

Wednesday, July 20, 2005 

Back to the real world!

So, I find myself back in reality. Still trying to come to terms with the fact that I'm not a millionaire. As they say, there's always next year. Well, screw that. I have every intention of making my millions long before the next WSOP. A foolish pipe dream to many, I'm sure. However, I am giving serious consideration to making a formal "go" at professional poker. Wife is supportive as long as I can pay my share of the bills...and for the last few years, I have profited far more from poker than I have lost.

In recalling memories of this years WSOP, while i'm disappointed I did not finish in the money, I am extremely pleased with my performance. Out of 6000 people, finishing in the top 25% was a great accomplishment. With such a large field, I can not help but feel semi satisfied. Before the tournament, I feared if I was knocked out, I would regret various hands, and certain strategies, but I must say, I do not regret any hands or various plays. Granted, going all in with pocket 9's while shortstacked and running into AK and QQ really stung, but hey, that's poker. Like I said in an earlier post, you have to take the bad beats with the solid wins.

I learned quite a bit in this tournament. I feel if I were to repeat this same tournament next week, I would be that much stronger for the experience.
With that aside, I was extremely pleased with my side action poker play while in Vegas. Winning the tournament at Harrah's right after the WSOP certainly helped get my mind on track. Afterwards, I had a lousy run at 10-20 limit holdem at the Mirage, but I quickly bounced back on various limits and no limit across town. Plus, I also found my new favorite casino table game. Casino War simply rules! It's fast, and it pays. While most will say it's nothing but a coin flip weather or not your card will be higher than the dealers, I instilled a bit of strategy on when to bet big and when to pull it back. Needless to say, I won more money on this game than I did on any other damn game while in Vegas. For some reason, I'm still having nightmares involving the damn Wheel of Fortune slot machines thought. God. It's like they beckoned me and I just had to oblige. I was powerless against their will. Sigh. Anyhoo, as promised, I'm including several pics from the trip. Enjoy!



Pics from the 2005 WSOP

Chris Fergesun

Adam LaBare Day 2 WSOP

My Poker face

Updating my blog on day 2 at the WSOP

Greg Raymer

Johny Chan

Just a fraction of my first glance upon walking into the WSOP hall, overwhelming!

Getting prepared with some tunes pre game

WSOP Entrance
Huge Full Tilt photo

Thursday, July 14, 2005 

A night in Mexico

I would formally like to apologize to my liver. You've been there for
me through thick and thin. After last night I certainly understand
your anger.

Played in a small tourney at the Luxor. Blinds raised every 10
minutes. Had no time to do a damn thing. Ended up busting out which
seemed to be a perfectly fine reason to taste the local crown royal

Ended up quite intoxicated in Mexico eating the biggest burrito ive
ever seen. Good times.

Somehow ended up in pickup truck bed heading back to the mirage where
i ended up making a few bucks in a low limit game.

A fun evening.


Tuesday, July 12, 2005 

A win at Harrahs

Played in a 40 dollar rebuy tournament at Harrahs. After breakfast, I
was hardly in an upbeat mood. Turns out, i was a little late signing
up so i was sixth alternate. Sat down at a no limit live game and won
100 right off. Got called into the tourney and ended up fairly short
stacked the entire way. Made a few key moves though and booked a
first place finish. $1100 win. Not bad for a small tourney.

Needless to say, Harrahs aint so bad afterall.



Not much to report. Just had the wost breakfast buffet in Vegas.
Stay away from Harrahs. Poor service everywhere we turn in here. Not
what I would expect from a casino on the strip desperatley in need of
a face lift. I would of expected them to bend over baxkwards with
customer service to compensate.

Im signed up for an 11am tourney. We'll see how it goes.

Played in a small tourney last night at the Saharah. One away from
the bubble...sigh.

Today is a new day.


Sunday, July 10, 2005 

and so it ends

Its been one helluva ride...but to be a gracious winner, one must be a
gracios looser.

Went into the last tound with 9k. Was just waiting for a hand to
double up with. Ended up catching pocket nines under the gun. I
pushed all in. One caller, big blind pushes himself allin. The guy
that called me calls this guys 50k all in bet. I turn over my 9s,
only to see im up against pocket queens and AK. Flop come 6 6 rag.
Turn no help for anyone. River comes an ace. Two of us are knocked
out. And so it goes.

Im pretty bumed but Dani has been a great inspirational boost.

Again, thanks to everyone for your support. As soon as im done
licking my wounds, ill write about varios highlights.

As for the rest of the week, just gunna go with the flow. Probably
play in some of the smaller tourneys around town.



1st break

First break, 9k in chips. About to be all or nothing. Just waiting
for the hand to do it with. Ill take any prayers at this point if
anyones offering.



Day Two

So here we are, day two of The World Series of Poker. Im faced with
14k in chips but will quickly try to improve that. I have Dani here
to cheer me on, so im happy. Shes my official caddy.

Trying to remain focused. Hell, I am focused.

About an hour and a half until cards are in the air.

Going to enjoy my frosty beverage from starbucks and begin the rest of my life!

More later...



I wanted to include this link for those ot you playing at home.


This will break down the field by name and chip count. Im on there
but itll tare Some Scrolling to find me. I plan on fixing that
problem tomorrow.

I couldn't find the data on espn.

Back to attempting sleep. Sucks trying to rest with this much
adrenalin in your system.

Vote for Pedro!


Saturday, July 09, 2005 

A quiet evening

Hard to believe im sitting in my hotel room on a saturday night in
vegas. I want to hang low tonight and stay outa trouble with tomorrow
being as important as it is.

Dani arrived today and having travelled all day, shes already fast
asleep. It all works out.

Not much else to report. I do plan on giving detailed hand accounts
but will most likey not do that until after tomorrows activities.

Many thanks to my friends and family for their support. I appreciate
all of you for following along with the blog.



Afer 15 hours of play, im happy to report that I made it through the
first day. Talk about mentally and physically exhausted.

My chip count has taken a hit, but im still above water. Sitting at
14k which is pretty short stacked. Just means ill have to make a
solid move tomorrow and double up. Thatll get me back in the hunt.

I had built up my stack to 28k, but the last few rounds were brutal.
We ended the day at level 7 i believe. 300 600 blinds with a 75 ante.
These levels now mean business and can burry you if you dont make the
right move.

Plenty of stories to share from yesterday, but ill save that for my
laptop rather than typing it out on my phone.

Look for my name on ESPN. Was also filmed a few times. Kinda neat.

Im going to bed. We live to fight tomorrow...No mercie!

Wish me luck.


Friday, July 08, 2005 

3rd break

Hanging steady at 21k. A very uneventfull round. Feeling good
though. Focus focus focus.

More later


2nd Break

At the beginning of play this morning, my chip count was $10,000. At the second break, my chp count is up to $22,000. So far so good!


What a day

So i just spent the last half hour writting my update and ended up
loosing everything...don't ya just love that?

So now for a very condensed version.

Went to the Wsop loacation at the Rio. Like nothing I have ever seen
before. This for me was like being taken to your first Red Sox game
as a kid with your grandpa. The only downside to the experience was
not having my loving and very supportive wife there with me. A moment
like that you want to share with the one you love the most. Could not
be here without that love and support I get on a daily basis. When I
married ya Dani, I went all in and came out with the nuts (thats poker
terninology ya pervs). Okay, sorry for the sappy stuff, but I miss
her. Just glad she'll be out here in two days.

So, after i got everything squared away, i checked out the poker expo
convention they have running. Really cool stuff. Walked away with
more free t-shirts then I know what to do with. Yes Robin, you can
have one (Robin, my sister is a t-shirt addict which borders on very
odd as far as obsessions go.) Also got to tkae pics with playboy
bunnies. Yes Greg, I will send you the copies without me in them.

Speaking of which, a big shout out to my gang back at websitepros.com.
Miss you all.

So, with that, im off to bed. Tomorrow is THE day. While typically
the first day chipleader has roughly 60k in chips at days end, im
setting myself a realistic goal. I plan on having 25-30k at days end.
bare in mind you start with 10k. Ill try to update my progress as the
day wears on.

Wish me well!


Thursday, July 07, 2005 

Oh what a night

So my plane finally landed in vegas. After flying all day I was
mentally drained, yet upon touchdown, my adrenalin was pumping. Got
my bags as quickly as possible then off to find a taxi.

Living in Florida, one might think by now I would be used to the heat,
but my god...110 degrees hitting you square in the face just sucks.

Checked into the hotel without any problems. I get up to my room and
find inside my room my sponsorship gear. I think this was when it
started to sink in. They hooked me up. Jackets, shirts, hats, and
more. Hell, the suitcase they put it all in probably cost a pretty

Once i got my head and ass straightened out, I darted over to the
mirage for the pokerstars.com cocktail party. One word, increadible.
They spared no expense. This huge ballroom with buffett upon buffett
and open bar upon open bar. It was a sight to see. The real hub bub
centered on Chris Moneymaker and Greg Raymer. Ended up more of a meet
and greet with them. I have to admit though, both were very humble.
They endured 2 hours worth of hand shakes, photos and autographs, all
while keeping a smile on.

Wish i brought my camera to the event. Some great photo ops. Ill
have it with me today though.

Todays plan...
Get signed in with the WSOP then go with the flow.

More to come...

Wednesday, July 06, 2005 

Made it to D.C. in one piece, goats and all. Flight was ok, but this
airport sucks. Get you herded like cows off to the slaughter then
into one little shuttle bus. Ho hum.

Few more hours and all my worries will be replaced with new worries.

Almost there...



The Airport

Apparentley United Airlines felt it necessary to put their one plane
at JIA at the very furthest gate possible. Im sitting on the tarmac
in a glass case with no A/C. I fully anticipate the boarding of goats
and chickens prior to human passengers. Atleast there's a Starbucks.
Viva Las Vegas!



And so it begins...

The time has finally arrived. After much anticipation, I write this with a great deal of anxiety yet armed with the knowledge that I have already come out ahead as I begin this week and a half long journey.

My plane leaves in a few hours yet I have not started to pack, which is typical. I'm still in a state of denial, but I'm sure that will quickly dissolve as the day wears on. I have a full day planned. As soon as I arrive in Vegas at 7pm, I have to quickly dart over to my Hotel and check in. From there, over to the Mirage to take part in the welcoming cocktail party PokerStars.com will be providing. Afterwards, depending on how things turn out, I will then head over to the Rio and proceed to check in with the World Series of Poker officials. I hope to avoid the long lines I keep hearing about.

My first day of WSOP action is set for Friday, the 8th. With a full field, they split the first day out over 3 days. I'm glad I drew the 2nd day for play. If I do make it through that first day, that would give me a day's rest in-between with normal play resuming Sunday.
So, Tomorrow is a free day more or less. While I don't have a set plan of action, I do plan on relaxing at the pool then possibly taking in some live action at the Bellagio. I may play in one of several freezeouts happening all over the place. Not yet decided.

In times past, each trip to Vegas was condensed into a few short days. Being out there this time around for 10 days, I'm almost apprehensive to map everything out. I'm just going to go with the flow, enjoy myself and take this time to relax. Granted, not sure how much I can relax knowing I have reached my life long goal and am actually playing in the main event at the World Series of Poker. All in all, I will remain focused.

To all my friends and family reading this, I thank you for your support and well wishes. This should be one helluva time. I'll be updating my blog often, so be sure to check back for updates on my progress. A special thanks to my sister Robin for letting me borrow her kick ass camera while I'm out in Vegas. I hope to post several pics as well.

And so it begins...

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