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Friday, July 08, 2005 

What a day

So i just spent the last half hour writting my update and ended up
loosing everything...don't ya just love that?

So now for a very condensed version.

Went to the Wsop loacation at the Rio. Like nothing I have ever seen
before. This for me was like being taken to your first Red Sox game
as a kid with your grandpa. The only downside to the experience was
not having my loving and very supportive wife there with me. A moment
like that you want to share with the one you love the most. Could not
be here without that love and support I get on a daily basis. When I
married ya Dani, I went all in and came out with the nuts (thats poker
terninology ya pervs). Okay, sorry for the sappy stuff, but I miss
her. Just glad she'll be out here in two days.

So, after i got everything squared away, i checked out the poker expo
convention they have running. Really cool stuff. Walked away with
more free t-shirts then I know what to do with. Yes Robin, you can
have one (Robin, my sister is a t-shirt addict which borders on very
odd as far as obsessions go.) Also got to tkae pics with playboy
bunnies. Yes Greg, I will send you the copies without me in them.

Speaking of which, a big shout out to my gang back at websitepros.com.
Miss you all.

So, with that, im off to bed. Tomorrow is THE day. While typically
the first day chipleader has roughly 60k in chips at days end, im
setting myself a realistic goal. I plan on having 25-30k at days end.
bare in mind you start with 10k. Ill try to update my progress as the
day wears on.

Wish me well!


Hey Adam,

Hope you are having fun, I saw these and thought of you. Please check them out cuz you'll get a laugh. http://www.msn.com the man in the chair is freaking awesome. If the ad changes before you see it I feel sad for you. And this ladys just freakin scary. http://www.planetdan.net/pics/misc/tetka.html

Good luck, and don't get too frisky with the bunnies.

Celery with a K

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