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Thursday, May 26, 2005 

Whats in a name?

So, poker players generally have a nickname. If you can think it, someone's using it. For online poker players, a nickname is a necessity to ensure ones privacy. Plus, everyone always hope they become famous enough, or infamous enough to have such recognition, your known simply by one word.

So, my nickname? Nothing too fancy schmancy.....

Amarillo Slim?


Yes sir

How in the hell did I come up with JvilleWhip? Funny you should ask.

So, few years ago I head north and return to my old stomping grounds. Returned to Mass. but decided to take a detour to Foxwoods casino in Conn. Played poker here often back in the early 90's. Was very anxious to get back and play some quality poker. Having been in Jacksonville Florida for several years at this point, the Poker scene was non existent.

Ended up playing quite a bit of studd as well as low limit holdem. Ended up on one table with several obvious locals and quite a few obviously my senior. Fairly friendly game. Small chit chat. Being the young guy at the table, wasn't privy to much conversation. No big deal mind you. Older gentleman to my right comments on a decent run I'm on. I return polite conversation and end up embarking on an extensive tutorial on the inner workings of the poker mind, as well as more than I ever wanted to know about his family down in Florida. As it turns out, I mention I'm visiting from Jacksonville Florida. At this point, I was just amused he hadn't asked if I knew his grand daughter. The hot streak continues. I end up pulling 3 or 4 more pots in a row and this same gentleman refers to me as the Jacksonville Whip. This amused me to say the least. Over the course of the next 3 hours this gentleman and now the others around him continue to refer to me as the Jacksonville Whip. Upon returning to Jacksonvnille, I made an additional mistake by sharing this story at my local card game. Needless to say, the name stuck and I've been using it online ever since. JvilleWhip pretty much is now my permanent fixture across several online poker sites. The name shortened to accommodate for the amount of letters allowed on most sites.

If you should happen across my path online, say hi!


Keep up the good work
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