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Monday, May 23, 2005 

The goal... The dream

While some people have obtainable goals, dreams and aspirations, I tend to set mine a little beyond my reach. Would hate to think I had nothing to strive for.

While some dream about winning millions of dollars in the lottery, my goal, my dream, is to win millions of dollars playing in the World Series of Poker.

Poker has been my passion and my hobby for well over 15 years. Something I casually enjoyed growing up quickly turned into something that I took very seriously yet enjoyed tremendously. I love the rush, the adrenalin of Poker. If you've ever played for money, you know the rush I'm talking about. When you put your hard earned money on the line, poker takes on a whole new meaning. Before poker became commercialized, before the world series was an actual rating boost for ESPN, even before Rounders, I had aspirations of making it big on the poker circuit. While this was always a fun hobby in other's minds around me, I continued to be a student of the game. As I continued to learn the theory and strategy behind the game, the more I excelled my game. And please understand, I am by no means a "Pro" or an "expert" if you will. I am simply an individual that loves the game while striving to improve my game along the way.

So, a long time ago, I made the mental note that someday I would "make my living playing poker". I know how absurd this sounds. If I were not familiar with the in's and outs of poker, I too would think it crazy. But at the age of 30, I have every belief that with the right set of circumstance and the right frame of mind, one could live comfortably playing poker.

Make no mistakes, I do not make a living laying poker. While poker supplements my income nicely at times, I have not made that proverbial leap of faith. Plus, I enjoy my chosen career a great deal.

Back to my goal. To sit down at the World Series of Poker comfortable that I just spent 10k on the entry fee. Winning those millions, while certainly great, matters not to me. Being able to say I played with the best poker players in the world, that's the nutts right there. Will I get there? Stay tuned...

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