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Wednesday, July 06, 2005 

And so it begins...

The time has finally arrived. After much anticipation, I write this with a great deal of anxiety yet armed with the knowledge that I have already come out ahead as I begin this week and a half long journey.

My plane leaves in a few hours yet I have not started to pack, which is typical. I'm still in a state of denial, but I'm sure that will quickly dissolve as the day wears on. I have a full day planned. As soon as I arrive in Vegas at 7pm, I have to quickly dart over to my Hotel and check in. From there, over to the Mirage to take part in the welcoming cocktail party PokerStars.com will be providing. Afterwards, depending on how things turn out, I will then head over to the Rio and proceed to check in with the World Series of Poker officials. I hope to avoid the long lines I keep hearing about.

My first day of WSOP action is set for Friday, the 8th. With a full field, they split the first day out over 3 days. I'm glad I drew the 2nd day for play. If I do make it through that first day, that would give me a day's rest in-between with normal play resuming Sunday.
So, Tomorrow is a free day more or less. While I don't have a set plan of action, I do plan on relaxing at the pool then possibly taking in some live action at the Bellagio. I may play in one of several freezeouts happening all over the place. Not yet decided.

In times past, each trip to Vegas was condensed into a few short days. Being out there this time around for 10 days, I'm almost apprehensive to map everything out. I'm just going to go with the flow, enjoy myself and take this time to relax. Granted, not sure how much I can relax knowing I have reached my life long goal and am actually playing in the main event at the World Series of Poker. All in all, I will remain focused.

To all my friends and family reading this, I thank you for your support and well wishes. This should be one helluva time. I'll be updating my blog often, so be sure to check back for updates on my progress. A special thanks to my sister Robin for letting me borrow her kick ass camera while I'm out in Vegas. I hope to post several pics as well.

And so it begins...

We are all hoping that that you have a great time and win big! We are thinking of you here at WSP and have decided that with your winnings you can bring us presents :)

Man i must say your workers are so greedy. They just want you to win so they can get get get... hehehe dont forget about the little people adam. Good luck i hope you succeed in everything you hope for. I'm proud of you! Someone has to do good in the family and it might as well be you. Love ya bunches and thanks for giving me some props! Peace out Yo Sista

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