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Thursday, July 07, 2005 

Oh what a night

So my plane finally landed in vegas. After flying all day I was
mentally drained, yet upon touchdown, my adrenalin was pumping. Got
my bags as quickly as possible then off to find a taxi.

Living in Florida, one might think by now I would be used to the heat,
but my god...110 degrees hitting you square in the face just sucks.

Checked into the hotel without any problems. I get up to my room and
find inside my room my sponsorship gear. I think this was when it
started to sink in. They hooked me up. Jackets, shirts, hats, and
more. Hell, the suitcase they put it all in probably cost a pretty

Once i got my head and ass straightened out, I darted over to the
mirage for the pokerstars.com cocktail party. One word, increadible.
They spared no expense. This huge ballroom with buffett upon buffett
and open bar upon open bar. It was a sight to see. The real hub bub
centered on Chris Moneymaker and Greg Raymer. Ended up more of a meet
and greet with them. I have to admit though, both were very humble.
They endured 2 hours worth of hand shakes, photos and autographs, all
while keeping a smile on.

Wish i brought my camera to the event. Some great photo ops. Ill
have it with me today though.

Todays plan...
Get signed in with the WSOP then go with the flow.

More to come...

I am glad to hear that you took advatage of the open bars. I mean if they are "making" you drink, you might as well do it right. Keep your head on straight tonight cause tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life.

oh my god adam you shoulda just brought me along and i coulda just did all the pictures for you. you must be star struck seeing all these big poker players. your playing with the big dawgs now!!! good luck adam and we are all thinking about ya!!

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