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Saturday, July 09, 2005 

Afer 15 hours of play, im happy to report that I made it through the
first day. Talk about mentally and physically exhausted.

My chip count has taken a hit, but im still above water. Sitting at
14k which is pretty short stacked. Just means ill have to make a
solid move tomorrow and double up. Thatll get me back in the hunt.

I had built up my stack to 28k, but the last few rounds were brutal.
We ended the day at level 7 i believe. 300 600 blinds with a 75 ante.
These levels now mean business and can burry you if you dont make the
right move.

Plenty of stories to share from yesterday, but ill save that for my
laptop rather than typing it out on my phone.

Look for my name on ESPN. Was also filmed a few times. Kinda neat.

Im going to bed. We live to fight tomorrow...No mercie!

Wish me luck.



can you send some type of link to where you might be on espn. i've been looking constantly and cant find it.


way to go man. always remember to wear dark glasses and never accept drinks from a woman named bambi or bridgett.


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