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Tuesday, July 12, 2005 

A win at Harrahs

Played in a 40 dollar rebuy tournament at Harrahs. After breakfast, I
was hardly in an upbeat mood. Turns out, i was a little late signing
up so i was sixth alternate. Sat down at a no limit live game and won
100 right off. Got called into the tourney and ended up fairly short
stacked the entire way. Made a few key moves though and booked a
first place finish. $1100 win. Not bad for a small tourney.

Needless to say, Harrahs aint so bad afterall.


Congrats on the Win Adam! I just wanted to post the link to msn as they are covering the Poker Tourney in Vegas. It's getting some good publicity!


Keep on tearing up those various tourneys! Crack that whip Jville!

Keep up the winning!

Win one for the Gipper!

Hey man, really wish I coulda been there to enjoy it with you. Sorry I couldn't make it. Things have chanaged so much over the past few years. and yet still I consider you my boy. Always remember those late night games we had. Wish I was still in Florida....

You know who I am....

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