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Sunday, July 10, 2005 

Day Two

So here we are, day two of The World Series of Poker. Im faced with
14k in chips but will quickly try to improve that. I have Dani here
to cheer me on, so im happy. Shes my official caddy.

Trying to remain focused. Hell, I am focused.

About an hour and a half until cards are in the air.

Going to enjoy my frosty beverage from starbucks and begin the rest of my life!

More later...


I'm trying to keep tabs on you baby! Continute on. Head focused. I so wish I was there. BUT... I'm here ...and routing you on to victory !!! Love you guys. Tried to call Dani's cell phone. Left message. PRobably in her car or something. Kick some BOOTY BABY !!! GO ADAM. GO ADAM. GO ADAM .....GO !

Love you....Auntie !

Please help!


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