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Sunday, July 10, 2005 

I wanted to include this link for those ot you playing at home.


This will break down the field by name and chip count. Im on there
but itll tare Some Scrolling to find me. I plan on fixing that
problem tomorrow.

I couldn't find the data on espn.

Back to attempting sleep. Sucks trying to rest with this much
adrenalin in your system.

Vote for Pedro!


I was hoping to see my bunny pics before you get home... at least throw me a bone and tell me the month and year of the bunny so I can search my archives.

Looks like your still in the game with 13,950. Stay focused - and don't just double, triple the sum bitch (couldn't help the copy ambiguity)

Dani – Slap him around a bit to get his head straight. If we were there we would form a gauntlet for Adam to run before each session. It’s up to you to ‘be the gauntlet”


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