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Wednesday, July 20, 2005 

Back to the real world!

So, I find myself back in reality. Still trying to come to terms with the fact that I'm not a millionaire. As they say, there's always next year. Well, screw that. I have every intention of making my millions long before the next WSOP. A foolish pipe dream to many, I'm sure. However, I am giving serious consideration to making a formal "go" at professional poker. Wife is supportive as long as I can pay my share of the bills...and for the last few years, I have profited far more from poker than I have lost.

In recalling memories of this years WSOP, while i'm disappointed I did not finish in the money, I am extremely pleased with my performance. Out of 6000 people, finishing in the top 25% was a great accomplishment. With such a large field, I can not help but feel semi satisfied. Before the tournament, I feared if I was knocked out, I would regret various hands, and certain strategies, but I must say, I do not regret any hands or various plays. Granted, going all in with pocket 9's while shortstacked and running into AK and QQ really stung, but hey, that's poker. Like I said in an earlier post, you have to take the bad beats with the solid wins.

I learned quite a bit in this tournament. I feel if I were to repeat this same tournament next week, I would be that much stronger for the experience.
With that aside, I was extremely pleased with my side action poker play while in Vegas. Winning the tournament at Harrah's right after the WSOP certainly helped get my mind on track. Afterwards, I had a lousy run at 10-20 limit holdem at the Mirage, but I quickly bounced back on various limits and no limit across town. Plus, I also found my new favorite casino table game. Casino War simply rules! It's fast, and it pays. While most will say it's nothing but a coin flip weather or not your card will be higher than the dealers, I instilled a bit of strategy on when to bet big and when to pull it back. Needless to say, I won more money on this game than I did on any other damn game while in Vegas. For some reason, I'm still having nightmares involving the damn Wheel of Fortune slot machines thought. God. It's like they beckoned me and I just had to oblige. I was powerless against their will. Sigh. Anyhoo, as promised, I'm including several pics from the trip. Enjoy!


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