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Tuesday, March 14, 2006 

Tonight's Roundup

Not a very productive night, obviously. Actually, extremely unproductive. Just got knocked out at 180 out of 1434 in the $11 MTT. Was doing fairly well but took two hard beats. Got aggresive with AJ and AK. Lost both to mid to high pocket pairs. Couldn't win any of my coin flips tonight. That's how it goes. Figured it was best to be aggressive with these hands at this stage of the tournament. Wanted to get in to the money with an aggressive chip stack. Wasn't willing to find myself shortstacked tonight. Sucks, mind you. But there's always tomorrow.

Current bankroll, $12. lol

Certainly glad I had a good few weeks leading up to my recent withdrawl. Sigh. Hate going backwards, but gotta ride it out.

More tomorrow

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