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Monday, March 13, 2006 

Getting Started

The fact is I rarely divulge earnings, losses, bad beats, etc. when it comes to my online play. However, to provide some level of clarity and where I currently stand in the grand scheme of things, here's how things currently shape up:

Recently removed my PokerStars "bankroll". For the sake of tracking and starting out at a minimum; I deposited $100 back in this evening starting me with $120. Tonights play went as follows:

  • Played two $13 Sit n Go's 6 handed. Lost both.
  • Played the 7:45pm $11 MTT. Got knocked out early with pocket aces. Pushed and got run down by runner runner straight.
  • Played a $38 Sit n Go 6 handed, busted out 3rd place. No money. Found myself quickly down to $39 in my bank. lol. Talk about a quick night.
  • Took one last stab at a $38 Sit n Go 6 hander and cruised in to second place earning $73 bucks.
  • Current bank: $75.40
Would rate my play tonight poor at best. Upset not turning a profit tonight. Was anxious to use those earnings toward WSOP satellites. Far too many distractions tonight. Found myself rather pissy to boot. Playing upset really does impact my performance. I often push forward playing through bad moods but always find it a horrible idea. My thinking is that I'll take that frustration and dominate my opponents, but it just doesn't work like that in my happy little world. The lesson? Less distractions, never play upset. Further review of my play tonight would also suggest I was too eager to perform. I wanted to hurry up and turn a profit which clouded my judgment. I normally have a patient strategy in these Sit n Go's, but when I get anxious, I play far too many hands. This is a self discipline I really want to address. Enough of the self criticism tonight. Time for some cold pizza and a decent nights sleep. -Adam

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