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Sunday, October 09, 2005 

Sunday Update

Been a rough week on my bankroll. That's how it goes though. Took some money from PokerStars and made a deposit with Titan Poker. Overall, seems like a decent enough site. You can tell they want to succeed with the promotions they have running. Started out strong with the six handed sit n go promotion. As soon as I got some steam though, went down hill from there. The goal is to win six in a row, take home the jackpot. First few I was finishing 2nd and 3rd. Then had two poor showings after that. From there I hit two first places in a row and was pretty excited moving into my third. The rest is just typical oddity's one becomes familiar with when playing online. Anyhoo, I'll report back if anything interesting happens with Titan.

On to today's stories:
Hollywood's next Themla and Louise?
Hellmuth and Arod Hit The Town for Some Poker

Being the tech geek that I am, I find this interesting. I've been messing with PokerRoom.com's mobile version, but haven't really had much time to explore further. If your messing with this technology, I'd be curious to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment.

Kayak Interactive and Verizon Join the Wireless Poker Battle

Yet another poker site to hit the market. This one caught my eye though. Win or loose a hand, and you can throw pies at eachother at the table. lol. While not entirely "good" for the poker community, I just think it's funny.

New Online Poker Site Offers Poker for the Whole Family

That's all for today. More as I come across it.


Well well well, great site. I wish my free prepaid mastercards website had a blog like this to link to.

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