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Monday, March 13, 2006 

The Hunt Begins...

Well, it’s that time of year again where I make whatever strides necessary to get my self out to Vegas. Last year when I was blogging about my trip to the WSOP I was able to muster some local interest amongst friends, family and some interesting strangers. Some have asked if I have already made plans for this year’s World Series and if I’ll be writing about it again. The answer is while I have not solidified my plans for the World Series of Poker as of yet, I have every intention of making it happen. Last years tournament was truly a life long dream come true and now that I’ve “tasted the fruit”, I will do whatever I have to do to make this a yearly trek.

In short, I plan on keeping a pretty up to date blog. While we have many months to go before this year’s World Series, I want to document my climb to get there. In a perfect world my poker earnings would be at a stage where I could just sign up, fly out there, and take part. However, I do not live in a perfect world. My goal will be to follow a similar path to last years. Winning my seat via PokerStars and earning their sponsorship was truly an amazing feat and experience. While every poker site out there now a days has their own version of WSOP promotions, I’m dedicated to PokerStars and plan on doing whatever I have to do to earn my way once again via Stars. So, with that in mind, Stars has just recently fired up their WSOP promotions. The hunt begins…

In an effort to get everyone up to speed on my recent poker progress:

Things have been semi quiet. I play virtually every day in the evening time on Stars but haven’t devoted any sense of hard core playing. I’ve been keeping pretty busy in Corporate America along with home life which severely limits any hard core poker time. In an effort to keep my mind sharp though, I continue to play in Sit n Goes, and multi table tournaments each evening. I’ve been fairly consistent with my multi table tournaments in that I continue to “make the money” a high percentage of the time. I’m also doing quite well in my sit n go’s. My most recent larger win came 2 weeks ago playing in one of the $20 180 people max tournaments PokerStars offers up. Placed first, split first and second place. Otherwise, nothing too significant recently. One of my larger issues right now is that while I make the money very consistently, I’m not leaving myself enough chips to win the tournament. While making the money is obviously paramount, one has to play to win the entire tournament. I’ll never get anywhere if I don’t adjust accordingly. My plan over the next few weeks will be to take a more aggressive approach while building large chip stacks as I go. By the time one enters the money, I want to be in a commanding position moving forward. Short term goals will entail a larger amount of final tables. Long term goals, obviously more first place finishes.

As for the financial aspect. I recently extracted most of my winnings from Stars in anticipation of the bonus promotions they have put in place for the WSOP. As a result, I’m probably going to put a chunk back in this evening and go from there. From there, I plan on concentrating on a few multi-table tournament while focusing on the already lucrative Sit n Go’s. Being that the SnG’s are my bread and butter, I feel it best that I continue to capitalize on this and use my winnings from this strategy toward my WSOP promotion entries. This time around I will be posting more information on my daily wins, losses, etc. While I rarely share bad beat stories, may see one or two of those here as well.

All in all, I would love to look back at this blog next year and re-live my road to the WSOP. While I was pretty faithful in my writings last year during the WSOP, I regret not spending more time documenting before hand.

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