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Tuesday, March 14, 2006 

Summary Thus Far

$13 6 handed sit n go
3rd place. No payout

$11 MTT
Still going

$13 6 handed sit n go
5th place. No payout

$13 6 handed sit n go
3rd place. No payout

Starting to get frustrated. Into my 3rd sit n go without cashing. Doing alright in my MTT. Found pocket jacks and doubled up. Playing things slow on this table for now.

Busted out 3rd place on this 3rd sit n go. Did everything right. Waited for my hand. Pushed all in with A 10. Big stack calls with 88. I hit an Ace on the flop. He hits an 8 on the turn. End of story. Starting to feel shell shocked.

$13 6 handed sit n go
4th place. No payout

That's it for sit n go's tonight. Still going in my MTT. 135 places paying tonight. Currently 164 out of 530.

MTT update
102 out of 264

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