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Monday, March 20, 2006 

Typical Monday Night

Tonight's round up:

$10.50 Heads Up sit n go
1st place $20.00 cashed

$13 sit n go 6 handed
4th place no cash

$13 sit n go 6 handed
3rd place no cash

$11 MTT
76th place $30.30 cashed

Balance: $84.03

I find myself getting no where quickly. My sit n go's tonight were shitty, obviously. But I was doing fairly well in the MTT. Was in line for a pretty good finish. Was stacked pretty well in middle position. Early position goes all in with a little more than my stack. I had QQ. Button re-raises all in. Early position turns over, Q10 clubs. Button turns over JJ. I've got the best hand going in. I'll let all you playing at home figure out who won...and who didn't. Sigh.


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