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Monday, March 20, 2006 

Weekend Pretty Much Sucked

After everything is said and done, this weekend pretty much sucked in the grand poker scheme. Granted, had some good, quality “home” time which was long overdue. But on the poker front, I fell far short of my goals and objectives. Yesterday I posted my weekend recap but didn’t offer any explanation as to why I took the path I did. My mindset went like this:

I’ve been flirting with the $100 benchmark now for a good week. Haven’t gone too far up or too far down. So, the plan was to play in several smaller sit n go’s and take the proceeds and apply them toward bigger, better tournaments. In other works, take those proceeds and directly enter satellites for the WSOP and the weekly $215 MTT. As a result, played in several small tourneys and did well Saturday but kept blowing it in the satellites. So on and so forth Sunday. Came extremely close for the $215 satellite, but still ended up short. So, while I continue to go up and down, I am falling short of my goals and need to get back on track.

Tonight’s plan while incomplete will most likely focus on getting in to the black. Right now, if we do that math, I’m working in the red which puts added pressure on my game. Although, often times I feel I play better when behind the 8 ball. So, I plan on doing my typical $11 MTT, but I think I might shake things up a little tonight and work on my “short game”. Think I might do some Heads Up tourneys and see where they lead me. I think it’s always good to get back in to heads up action to continue the refinement process. While making the money in the larger tournaments is great, it is not often one makes it to the final 2. And while this happens more often in sit n go’s, I like the added pressure with simple, heads up action. More pressure with a winner takes all approach. Keeps the mind sharp. It’s easy to play in large tournaments and get distracted. I’m very guilty of multi tasking during online tournaments. I do a lot of “surfing” while between hands. I believe this hinders my game a great deal. I’ll actually be taking a deeper look in to this very subject down the line.

I’ll be back in the thick of it tonight. Until then…


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