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Thursday, March 16, 2006 

Up Down, Up Down...

Nothing much to report. After everything is said and done, up $10 from yesterday. Here's the breakdown:

knocked out of the $11 MTT. Pushed w/ AK. Two callers, AQ and KK. KK took it.

$13 sit n go 6 handed
1st place $46.80 cashed

$38 sit n go 6 handed
6th place no cash.
Got aggresive w/ AQ suited early on. 777 on the flop. I bet, he raised. I end up keeping witht the agression. Didn't put him on anything. Long story short, he slow played KK. Game over.

Back to $13 sit no go
2nd place $25.20 cashed

$13 sit n go 6 handed
2nd place $25.20 cashed

Total Bankroll: $118.80

I'll be in Vegas in no time!

Until tomorrow...

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