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Wednesday, March 15, 2006 

A little better

Alright, so tonight went a little better. Here's the goods:

$13 sit n go 6 handed

2nd place $25.20 cashed

$11 MTT

Knocked out

$13 sit n go 6 handed

2nd place $25.20 cashed

$13 sit n go 6 handed

1st place $46.80

Night's end bankroll: $109.60

Ended up putting a wee bit back in my account. After a deposit of $50
and a shitty past few day's, wasn't really looking to think too far
outside the box. With that in mind, just set forward to stick to a few
small sit n go's while taking part in my nightly $11 MTT. Sit n go's
went well. Cashed in all 3. Busted out in the middle of the MTT.
Wasn't really feeling it anyway.

Two things to take note of which can be contributed to my small success tonight.

  • Came home in a good mood
  • Beer

Maybe that's the secret to successful poker. Being in a good mood and
Beer. Really, what more could one want when playing poker? Happiness
and alcohol. Came home tonight happy, had a good dinner, had a few
beers and signed on. Went from there.

Maybe I'll apply this little epiphany to other areas of my life.

Show up to work in a good mood, drink beer...successful day.

Show up to sex in a good mood, drink beer, successful sex.

Show up to marriage in a good mood, drink beer, successful marriage.

Hmmm...possibilities are endless.

Anyway, not going to over analyze tonight's play. I think the fine
tooth comb I'm bringing in to this might be screwing with my head.
Think I'm going to call it a night and play some Xbox 360. Hooked on
this damn Fight Night.



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