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Wednesday, March 22, 2006 


Another crazy evening of strange beats. One of those nights where you
know you did exactly as you should...but all the "books" tell you to
endure. The beats will even out. Still a hard pill to swallow.

Online poker is a fickle beast. When you're up, whatever site you're
on is the greatest site out there. When your down and taking bad
beats, you really start to wonder, "did I piss somebody off at
PokerStars?". I know better than anyone that's just ridiculous...but
every once in a while, you just have to think back on your day and
wonder if you really screwed with the Karma gods.

Anyway...despite my bitching, I'm actually up a tiny bit tonight. Starting balance was $80ish.

End balance: $115.03

Small step in the right direction, but I'll take it. Had my coin flips
gone the other way, I would have been better than double that amount
tonight. Suppose that's why I'm as frustrated as I am.

On a different matter...
I've been downloading a lot of poker podcasts lately and really spent
some time on Bankroll Management today in the car. Really got me to
thinking. After listening to several "pros", I figure this will be a
good topic to really dig deeper in to. Stay tuned for my take on
bankroll management.

Going to bed...


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