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Wednesday, March 22, 2006 

Short and Sweet

Quick update for tonight. Made a bit more.

Tonight's Balance: $164.53

Made a decision to take a jump up and concentrate on $38 sit n gos.
Went fairly well obviously. Again, could have been better...life goes

On the
WSOP front, spent some W$ on a few double shootouts for Sunday's
big satellite. First one made it to 14th, close to the final
table...just didn't make it. Second one just went bad.

For what it's worth, went to bed last night thinking hard on previous
hands, what I was doing right, doing wrong. While I believe technique
wise, I was doing well, one thing I've not taken time to remind myself
of, is simply having a winning attitude. May sound silly. But I
swear, when I walk in to a tournament and tell myself, "I'm GOING to
win this tournament", and I keep reminding myself of this fact,
something clicks. Not sure if it's a matter of psyching myself up,
getting in to a "zone", whatever. But positive thinking goes
considerably far. You can play the right cards every hand, but if you
don't have that extra little something behind you, you'll never get

The morale of this story? Be the ball! =)

Anyway, long day. Going to bed. Hope to concentrate on some strategy/insight tomorrow.


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