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Wednesday, March 29, 2006 


Pardon my silence these last few days. Took a pretty good beating over the weekend and was not feeling “inspired”. Luckily, the show must go on and I’m now in better spirits.

While it’s easy to gripe about how unlucky one can be the fact is, after careful analyses, there’s not much I would have done differently these past few days. I played my game, got my money in on the best hands, was beat on the river virtually every time. I know better to think this way, but after you make a withdrawal on your poker site, you always tend to wonder if your string of bad luck that soon follows has anything to do with said withdrawal. I realize that’s silly, and I know that’s simply not the case. But if there are poker gods, superstition deities, whatever…someone please let me know how to please them. If a must sacrifice a young virgin, then so be it. (hopefully they’ll settle for a rooster, don’t know many virgins)

Anyway, enough of the superstition factor and blaming luck. The cards will turn and soon be working to my advantage.

I’ll write more this evening…


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