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Friday, March 31, 2006 

New Floor+Poker+Dog x 3 = No Profit

So, last night I ended up not making any money, but I also didn’t loose any money. I Had an extremely hard time concentrating last night. Really shouldn’t have been playing. We’re right in the thick of having our floors tiled. When I got home last night, there were areas one could walk, and large areas where one could not walk. Trying to feed 3 large dogs, let them out, play with them etc. is just not an easy task as your trying to let tile set. As a result, found myself holed up in the bedroom with 3 dogs and a laptop. Started a few tournaments when the dogs calmed down, but that was just the calm before the storm. Needless to say, I was unable to properly concentrate.

After loosing 2 sit n gos and a MTT, finally said screw it and threw everything in to one large sit n go. At this point, things finally calmed down. While making the decision to play in a larger sit n go was most likely not wise at the time, it ended up bringing me back to even. Placed 2nd. Ended the evening there.

Focus is obviously key. While life happens, one really should stop and regroup before playing poker. While that may seem obvious to most, playing each day online almost becomes habit. You get in to a rhythm of sorts. The lesson I need to practice is to avoid investing dead money. If I can’t devote the time to properly focus, I’m saving money by not playing. I will be attempting to incorporate this mantra moving forward.

Captain Obvious, signing off…

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