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Monday, August 07, 2006 

I'm Back!

Back to reality.  Been some time since my last post.  However, the vacation was very much needed.  While away, I managed to play zero hours of poker which was actually enjoyable.  Was good to give my mind a rest.  Was out of town for 5 days and started to get back into the poker groove last Friday.  Nothing to report however as I have not done jack shit since my return in the way of winnings.  I have decided to “reset” though.  Meaning that I withdrew what funds I had in my stars account and left $150 in there to work with.  Sort of wanted to start fresh, with a clear mind and specific goals.  Here’s the plan:

Start: $150
Every time I double the original $150, I plan on removing 30% as incentive.  The extracted amounts will be placed in a separate banking account.
So, for example, I build the $150 to $300 and will remove 30% which is $90 and place that in a separate savings account.  Build the $300 to $600 and remove $180.  So on and so forth.

I’m not exactly sure how this will work out.  But one thing’s for sure, I want to start feeling the fruits of my labor if that makes sense.  If I want to seriously pursue a tournament circuit, I need to start approaching this more logically and with a specific purpose.  So, play my game, put money away, keep focused.  The end goal will be to participate in as many big buyin tournaments that I can over the next year. 

Current Bankroll: $99

Heh…laughable I know.  Came back from vacation and haven’t seen a decent run of cards yet.  So, here’s hoping I can make something happen tonight and get back on track.

Long story short, it was everything I could have possibly hoped for.  The view from our cabin was beyond our expectations.  It was just pure relaxation.  No need to rush anywhere, no need to over plan.  We relaxed in our cabin, did the tourist stuff in Gatlinburg, went to DollyWood (big disappointment), saw deer, bears, and turkey, ate far too much, etc. etc.

Took some pics if anyone is interested: Click Here
I'll be sharing some of my favorites in tomorrow's post.

Today’s post will be short as I have a LOT of catching up to do on the work front.  I should be back in the swing of things come tomorrow. 

Take care,

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Sounds like an awesome vacation. I need me one of those things.

I'm definitely interested in following your "build from 150.00" adventure. Though I play with a meager roll, mine was just over 150 a few weeks ago. It has dropped a bit since, but still above 100.00.

What are you playing to build the roll? Tourneys mostly, right? What buy-ins, etc.? Teach me, Obiwan!

I heard a great tip in an interview with Chris Ferguson. He turned a dollar into over $10,000 playing online. His basic rule was to never put more than 5% of his bankroll on the table at one time. That might be tough to do starting at $100 but a lot of these sites have some very low limit games to choose from.

Good luck, I'll be watching.

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