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Sunday, July 16, 2006 

Today's the Day!

Got a good nights sleep, I'm feeling good...today's the day, damnit! Several hours before the big tourney starts so I'm passing time with a few warm up tournaments. Going to hit a 180 person SnG along with a few one table SnG's. I don't want to burn myself out before this afternoon, but do want to get my feet wet.

From a strategy perspective, I'm just going to play my game. I made the mistake reading cardplayer magazine yesterday. I recently resubscribed and thoroughly enjoy the publication. But I find when I read it before playing, with all the variations on strategy and what to do here or there in whatever situation, I tend to let it all float around in my head causing me to second guess my own game. The reality is, I do not agree with everything I read in books and magazines. These players are writing about what works for them, and for the most part, I greatly respect these opinions. But I think it is a risk to digest new lines of thinking before a big game. So, with that, flushing out my internal hard drive and trusting my own game today.

Looks like I'll have the house to myself for a good portion of the tournament. Dani's going to visit her Mother. Something about a new hot tub. Now if I could convince her to bring the dogs, I would have absolute peace. I'm not holding my breath.

With that, going to concentrate on these tournaments and hopefully report back later with good news.

Good luck all!

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