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Friday, July 14, 2006 

Success and my Final Stand...

Stayed home from work yesterday.  While I would love to say it was an excuse to stay home and play poker all day, the reality was I just felt lousy.  However, that’s not to say I didn’t have some successes yesterday.

Spent a good portion of my morning following up on work related items.  While doing that I started a $20 MTT.  Took that down with a 1st place finish.  Afterwards, took a break and relaxed.  Followed that up with another $20 MTT and finished 8th.

So, two final tables with two tournaments.  Was a very productive day.

These 180 person max mtt’s are certainly my bread and butter these past few months.  I’ve considered taking on a few higher buy in type tournaments, but an tentative at the moment.  Before I make any changes, I want to get this weekend out of the way.  I’ve determined that if I don’t have my WSOP seat secured by Sunday, I’m moving forward with alternative plans for time away.  Meaning, if I don’t win my seat Sunday, I’m taking a non poker related vacation.  The time away will do me well I’m sure. 

Note to PokerStars: Really enjoy the $20 180 person MTT’s.  However, same format with a higher buyin would be great.  I realize you have a $50 90 person max mtt, however, the payouts are similar to the $20 with less spots paid.  Perhaps a $75 180 person max?  Or a $100 300 person max tourney?  Food for thought.

This Weekend…
Weekend plans will include a little R&R with a very heavy barrage toward the WSOP seat that continues to elude me.  I’ve played several satellites to Sunday’s 150 seat tournament on stars but have had no success.  The 1 table sng’s have been my bane thus far.  Finishing 3rd on the last 3 attempts.  At this stage, with yesterday’s success, I plan to buy directly into the tournament and stop stressing about the smaller satellites.  This will allow me to focus on other productive tournaments.

A special thanks to Gary Carson for stopping by and leaving a comment on “The Morning After…” post. 

Would also like to mention a few other regulars:
Joe from The Hold Em Authority
Frank and Gang over at Life’s a Bluff.  Great strip this week by the way
BSN from Big Slick Nuts!
Bloddy P from Bloody P Plays Poker

Really appreciate the support all!

That’s all for now folks.  I have to play catch-up here in the real world.  I plan to update quite a bit over the weekend as I document my final stand toward the WSOP.

Good luck,

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