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Wednesday, June 28, 2006 

Supporting PokerStars Support...Keep Your Focus!

PokerStars support get's a lot of heat on various forums and newgroups for a myriad of reasons...so, I figured why not share a success story.  Perhaps in doing so, it'll help others.

Here's the email I sent them explaining the problem:

Previously, when playing
on stars, it was easy to multi task and write emails or im's in the
background.  When the pokerstars client brought focus to the table, i
could continue writing in whatever application i had running in the
background.  However, as of the last few days...whenever it's my turn
to act on my tables, the client hijacks my cursor and will not let me
continue typing in my other apps.  I have to preform my action on the
table before I can return to the window i was typing in.  Very
frustrating when multi tasking, especially for someone who writes for a
living on the side, lol.  But anyway, the only reason I bring this up
is that this is a new phenomenon.  Is this a client update or bug? 

Any help will be appreciated.

Here's Stars Response:

Hello Adam,

I regret that there's no feature in our software that will prevent
this (technically it's called "grabbing keyboard focus") -- that is
simply the way the software behaves.

If you are using Windows XP, installing the XP Power Toys "TweakUI"
module may work for you.   This package, from Microsoft, has a feature
under "General" and "Focus" that prevents applications from stealing
the focus. You can download it from:


It's free, and I think this will make the software behave in the
manner in which you'd like it to work.


PokerStars Support Team

Bottom line, this fixed the problem.  Certainly wasn't hard to install.  Two minutes later, back in business.  Thought this was worth sharing.


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Nice blog...linked you up to mine. Enjoyed your article on winning tourneys...well done.

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