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Thursday, June 22, 2006 

Bankroll Management...

Quick Update...
I didn’t spend much time playing last night which was probably a good thing.  The last several nights I’ve been up rather late playing out these recent final tables.  An early night to bed was very much needed.  I can actually hold my eyes open today.

I hope to keep my momentum going strong tonight.  I’m considering stepping outside the box for the $160 MTT this evening.  I haven’t decided yet.  When my bankroll was healthy last year, I had great success in this tournament but have not made any recent appearances in it.  We will see where the evening leads me.

Today’s Topic…
I wanted to speak on bankroll management and extracting from that bankroll.  I am a huge proponent of keeping your poker bankroll entirely separate from your normal funds.  Everyone does it a little bit different, but I’ve been fairly faithful to that line of thinking.  When I pose this question to the mases, I’m never really sure how to interpret their response.  Everyone seems to think they’re a winning player and seem to want to impress you with how much they are tucking away.  I really don’t think I’m getting accurate information.  However, I’ve been considering the following.

In the spirit of keeping poker earnings separate from personal savings, I’m considering paying myself a percentage of my bankroll on a weekly basis.  This would not be used for personal expenses per say, but would be deposited into a savings account separate from all other accounts.  In the past, I would just allow my roll to stay with whatever poker site I have it in…but keeping it like this prevents me from playing in local action as I play online more these days than I do offline and my online roll is much larger than my offline roll. 

Thoughts?  What percentages would be wise to deduct?  Stay as is?  Perhaps if it’s not broken,  I shouldn’t be messing with it…but I figured this was worth considering.

  • Thanks to BSN over at bigslicknuts for stopping by.   Appreciate the link about Moneymaker vs. Farha.
  • As always, many thanks to CC for droping by recently.  Check out today's follow up on the catalysts of poker discussion from yesterday.
  • Great to see Rod back from his perfect wedding in Jamaica.

Winning Online Poker Tournaments - Part 3 Should be up tomorrow if all goes well.  In the meantime, be sure to check out Parts 1 and 2

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