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Monday, June 19, 2006 

Another Final Table...

A quick update this fine Monday morning.  Did I really refer to Monday as a fine Monday?  hmmm.  See how my mood improves when I'm doing well poker wise? 

Anyway, after the World Blogger Championship debacle yesterday, I figured I would take part in a $20 180 person SnG.  Made it to the final table and walked away with 7th place.  Another great boost which has been two weeks coming.

Finished that rather early in the evening and decided to end the weekend on a positive note.  Signed off and spent quality time with the Mrs.  All in all, a good, solid weekend.

If time allows, I plan on doing some housecleaning on the blog.  I like my template, but want to re-arrange a few items.  I also plan on writing a few longer articles on specific topics which will include the following:

  • Making it to last years WSOP
  • Making the money in online poker multi table tournaments
  • Sit n Go concept and strategy according to me
  • Time Management

And more...

Hit your flops!

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