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Tuesday, June 13, 2006 

Poker Wrap Up...

As an avid tournament player online, I was pleased to read the below article over at pokernews.com. It's great to find a resource dedicating attention to the crazy online tournament world.

A small exerpt:

"Online Poker Weekend Wrap Up: Deal, or No Deal?

This week, the biggest online poker tournaments on the web were
slightly less big than normal. The result was a nice overlay for
players, and good value all the way around. Even with a decent amount
of money added, two players still cracked the $150,000 mark in earnings
this week.
Online Poker

The gold star of the week has to go to player StrongKungFu, who made the final tables in both the Paradise $150k, and Full Tilt
$200k events held yesterday. Yesterday was also significant in that
only one deal was made in the big tournaments. The players decided to
let the cards, and the game play decide the outcome. See you next week.

My Plan...
Right now, my immediate plan is to focus on the small stuff. My bankroll took a good hit this weekend with satellites and the $20 sng's resulting in nothing. This evening's focus will most likely center on 6 person sng's with a taste of a MTT or two.

Best of luck all,

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