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Monday, June 05, 2006 

A Good Poker Weekend...

Weekend Round Up...
The weekend itself ended nicely poker wise, for the most part. If you read my post from last night, you'll understand why I have mixed feelings about it. Suppose I can't gripe too much. Profit is profit...despite the place one finishes. Just burns a wee bit.

Most of my play took place Sunday evening. Had little opportunity otherwise. Played a little Saturday, but nothing substantial. Few sit n go's.

On the WSOP front...
While playing my regular tournaments, I managed to win a satellite to last night's $160 Double Shootout. The satellite itself was fairly engrossing. Had to really play my game to keep my head above water. Ended up with a nice stack, but blinds were so high at the end, I ended up all in on the big blind waiting for the bubble to be knocked out. Luck was on my side and I ended up winning that all in...but it wasn't really necessary. 4 others were knocked out before I even had to stress about the all in. So...on to the shootout.

I get seated to my shootout and was feeling pretty good. In such tournaments, I usually pull up thepokerdb.com and do a little recon. Sometimes this works against me psychologically speaking. I tend to put too much stock in other's accomplishments when in reality, it's only a number. Before I could even pull up the database though, I notice T Soprano sitting across from me. Fairly accomplished player whom I have seen playing some pretty large games and is not unfamiliar to large cash finishes in big tournaments. All in all, I just reminded myself that even the bigger profile players play satellites. No big deal.

I caught some pretty nice hands and was doing fairly well. T Soprano ended up going out halfway through the table or so. I was in good position to take the table, but ended up loosing a key hand which had me on my merry way in 3rd place. Alas, my WSOP seat was not meant to be this weekend. I can taste it though, it's close. I think getting close yesterday has re-ignited my fire and determination. Not that it has dwindled, but getting that close and leaving with nothing pisses me off and makes me want it that much more. So, as long as I properly channel that vigor, I'll be alright.

Other Weekend Stuff...
Did some karaoke Friday night. Thankfully I have poker to fall back on since I really don't foresee my singing career taking me far. Saturday we went to the movies and saw The Break Up. I'll give a quick review:

The Break Up
6 stars out of 10

Fairly funny movie. Moves along well. However, despite the humor, the ending just totally blows it for me. Yeah, I realize not every movie needs a happy ending, I'm an adult, I can handle that. But for Christ's sake, don't make me sit there for that long and NOT give me the happy ending. Cripes! Would of been 5 stars, but Jennifer has a nice rump! Sorry honey...

And Sunday had a nice day at the beach followed by some good stuff on HBO. Although, only got to watch Big Love. I have The Sopranos Tivo'd and will be watching that today. While big love was good, not sure how I felt about the ending. Plus, I just hate the fact that we'll probably have to wait 3 years for the next season. Although, being a brand new show, I would suspect a normal return to the roster next year.

And that's it for now. Until next time!

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