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Friday, June 02, 2006 

Distractions and Poker...

Mr. Bubble…
Nothing frustrates me more than being knocked out on the bubble. Suck outs, donkeys, and just general idiots are part of the game and I can usually adjust and come to terms accordingly. But being knocked out on the bubble just boils down to ones own poor decision making process. You can justify it all you want by saying “play to win”, etc. But the difference between 19th place and 18th place can mean a huge difference in your bankroll, your attitude, your mood, whatever. In the end, getting knocked out on the bubble is your fault, and your fault alone. If you haven’t guessed already, I was knocked out last night one away from the money. Grrrr.

I allowed myself far too many distractions last night. I received an personalized email from a point of contact at Bodog.com and was offered an enticing sign up package if I gave them a shot. I had download their client many moons ago but never deposited any cash. The interface was new and cool…but just never got around to it. So last night, they offered for a minimal deposit, a 100% match which would be available instantly. And along with that a free subscription to CardPlayer magazine. I’ve been needing to re-subscribe and for a 100% match, figured what the hell. What really interested me though is their WSOP packages that have been severely lacking in entrants. So figured, what the hell. I stuck $50 bucks in there and went about my merry way.

So, first mistake. Playing 3 tables on a new site while playing one table on pokerstars. I’ve been playing on stars now forever, and haven’t really tried any “new” sites for over a year. Last one was probably fulltilt over a year ago. As a result, one becomes extremely familiar with that one software client. Put a new client in the mix, and it’s pretty damn confusing. Windows don’t pop up the same way calling for action, the sounds are different, the graphics are out there, lot’s of different options. I really should have eased in to this and properly endured the learning curve. Granted, finally caught on…but it got pretty crazy for a while.

One thing I will say, getting online with another poker site really gives one perspective. I’ve been so consumed with Stars, seeing the added functions and options on a newer site is really cool. Granted, I don’t think I’m going to just start playing on bodog exclusively, but I would hope that the big dogs like stars, partypoker, etc. take some of these features and bring them to their own platform.

And my biggest mistake last night in the form of distractions? Realizing you can play blackjack on bodogs platform. Sigh…wasn’t pretty.

Looking Ahead...
I'm going to make an effort to get in on the Sunday $200 tournament on stars. That and WSOP sats will be my focus. Hopefully I can make something worthwhile happen this weekend.

Good luck my friends,

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