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Thursday, May 25, 2006 

Semi Rant...

So you're dealt AK late position, you make a large raise deep in a tournament.  Big blind pushes all in for an additional minimal amount.  You have to call, so you do.  You both turn over AK unsuited.  You come to terms with the fact that okay, split pot, I'm not loosing any money.  Flop comes with two suits matching one of his cards.  You already feel it coming.  Runner Runner nightmare.  Turn comes another matched suit for him.  And of course, river gives him the flush. 

You now find yourself in a state of shock.  You contemplate calmly lifting your laptop off the table and very rationaly throwing it in to the wall at a speed that will ensure this scenario never presents itself again.  Instead, you end up taking it out on your undeserving wife who was helplessly sitting on the couch minding her own business.  Petty argument ensues and you're left wondering why you love this game so much.

The moral of this rant?  Don't take bad beats out on your wife!  Sorry honey...


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That part about throwing the laptop is sooooo true!!

Last week I went on a losing streak that seemed to never end. I can't count the times I got beat by some fool drawing and hitting on fifth. I did much better on sports.

Keep up the good posts!

My gf can tell you a thing or two about it ...

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