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Monday, May 08, 2006 

Caution-Poker Rant!

A rant if you will...

While playing poker online has it's up's, down, pros, cons, etc; I often miss the action of live play in brick and mortar establishments. This rant will support a stance probably not verbalized very often.

Jacksonville, Florida is obviously not known for it's stellar live action-casino wise. However, quite a few good home games pop up on various nights of the week. When I can, I'll check these options out. Some offer half way decent tournaments now and again. Out of convenience I'll often check out The Poker Room. This is a decommissioned dog track which now supports simulcast racing. If you've been reading along, bear with me as I give a little back story.

The entire second floor has been remodeled with a 40+ table poker room. Action in the ring games can not surpass $2 bets. This obviously doesn't much interest me. But the tournaments they offer do in fact interest me. Fact is, I solely play tournaments these days and I look for every opportunity I can. They offer several variations (shoots outs, MTT's, Double Shoot Outs) on their tournaments all with a $45 buy in. While it's great they offer these tournaments, the biggest issue I have with this place is the quality player that it attracts. I've come to accept this. Actually, I've come to embrace this. My rationale is that the greater mix of players, the better prepared I am to meet anyone head on in the future. Bottom line, great practice.

So, why all this back story? No real reason. Why am I writing this post? When someone annoys you in a live game, it's much more difficult to tell the idiot in question to SHUT THE HELL UP! Never know the true extent of that person's idiocy and sanity and what the repercussions may be. When you're playing online and you come across your random idiot, you can choose to ignore them, turn off chat, or engage in verbal warfare without much fear of repercussion. This afternoon while playing a few turbo tournaments at
The Poker Room, I came across more blathering idiots per capita in the span of 2 hours than I care to ever come across again. I say this not because of their quality of play but for the sheer amount of verbal garbage they are able to spew forth. My god, just SHUT UP and PLAY!

So, to review today's lesson:
Don't take online play for granted. It's much easier to cope with idiots online than it is off. Just my two cents.

Okay, I'll stop my rant. Had to get it off my chest. And yes, I realize that table talk is part of the game. No problems there. I can handle it. This was more a matter of catching me on a bad day and just reaching my idiot limit.


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