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Wednesday, May 03, 2006 

A Quick Update...

A quick update...
Didn't play online last night. Got a great invitation to a tournament on SunCruz Casino. If you're not familiar with Jacksonville, Fl. We have casino boats that go out to sea and allow typical casino games. SunCruz has always offered various tournaments throughout the week, but I tend to stay away. To be perfectly honest, I just hate the waiting game one has to endure to get in to international waters to begin the action, and the return trip back in to port. Being that you have a very limited amount of time to "gamble", the tournament structure usually endures a very increased blind structure. Granted, I can usually conform to various formats, but with 20 minute levels and blinds pretty much doubling each step up, it's a hard format to follow. For example, blinds to 200-400, to 300-500 which isn't so bad, but then up to 500-1000, 2000-4000, 4000-8000 etc. With a starting stack of 10k in chips, just not my cup of tea.

I was lured last night though with the promise of a WSOP Panama package being awarded to the last man standing of those opting to pay an extra $40 on top of the tournament entry. Was a pretty good promo so figured what the hell. To give a synopsis on the entire tournament, I probably played a total of 5 hands. I doubled up with QQ in the first 10 minutes but just couldn't build from there. Every hand, raise, re-raise, all in, call call. Made it extremely hard to bluff. Therefore, I made the adjustment to wait for my hand. But with the blinds increasing as mentioned, I soon found myself shortstacked having to make a move. When I finally did move all in with A5 clubs, caller w/ A7, caller with 10 J. The 10 J hits a straight on the turn and away I go.

In hindsight, simply a crap shoot. I suppose it was worth the attempt as the payout would have been nice with 52 people and the Panama package offered on top. Wasn't meant to be last night though.

While I'm at it...to hell with the blackjack dealers out there too! Damnit!
(Thankfully I'm not bitter)

Tonights Plan?
I have a softball game directly following work. Should be online, ready for action around 7:30. Going to take it easy tonight and ease myself in. Probably hit up the $10 MTT at 7:45 and put it on auto pilot from there. If i'm feeling it, I plan on a few larger tournaments with the WSOP satellites in my sights.


Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog. Good luck in your quest to make it to the WSOP. Maybe I will see you on TV. I will add you to my links and keep up with your progress.

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