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Wednesday, April 26, 2006 


No real reason to praise beer at the moment, but every once in a while I think fondly on Red Stripe Beer commercials. Strange, I know.

Anyway, last night was a good night. Messed around with a $3 rebuy with 20k guaranteed, however I just got burned out on this damn tournament. 3 1/2 hours in and still 800 people left. I just didn't have the stamina or time to deal with the idiots this tournament produces. Finally pushed with A 10 suited and got busted by 7 9. I was glad.

My concentration was really devoted last night toward the 180 person max $20 tournament. Was one helluva tournament for me as tournaments normally go. In the first 10 minutes, found myself down to 500 in chips. It's easy to say screw it at this point and just push with the next semi decent hand. I waited a while thinking the blinds were not going to kill me any time soon. So, await my turn I did. Came up with several key hands that allowed me to turn that 500 quickly in to 4000. Once I got comfortable, I dug a trench and began the battle. The odd thing is, after making my way back from the 500 in chips, I do not remember any key plays that allowed me to continue building my stack. I just kept chipping away with the best hands and played my position well. All in all, secured a 3rd place finish last night which now brings my bankroll up to $1100 and change. I'm starting to really formalize an advanced strategy on these specific 180 person tournaments. I'm planning on really giving this some thought and posting an in depth article soon.

On another note...
I've been receiving emails lately from people out of left field calling my successes BS. In that they do not believe I can prove my earnings. This somewhat perplexes me for the simple fact most of this data is readily available on one site or another. If people want to call me out, do a little research before hand and you might be surprised. With that being said, let me share a few nuggets of wealth for those playing online:

Using this tool is an absolute must when playing multi table tournaments. This service provides a database of each individual you come across in a tournament on pokerstars.com displaying earnings. Quite impressive. This tool alone will separate fact from fiction.

This is a tool to match yourself up and compare with others from a Sit n Go perspective. These guys are somewhat new on the block and I find the data to be slightly inaccurate. However, overall the data is on target and you can gain a lot of knowledge about a person and their play.

These two tools alone will give you far more information than most show up to the table with. I have also used in the past various databases that reside on your own computer which you can dissect to learn more about your own play and those that you come across. Only problem I have with these though is how cumbersome they can be.

Moving forward perhaps I will just post the following information:

PokerStars Tournament #23709491, No Limit Hold'em
Buy-In: $20.00/$2.00
180 players
Total Prize Pool: $3600.00
Tournament started - 2006/04/25 - 19:55:02 (ET)

Dear JvilleWhip,

You finished the tournament in 3rd place.
A $428.40 award has been credited to your Real Money account.

Tonights Plan...
Tonight I plan on attending a monthly tournament held locally. I've done well in this tournament in the past and plan on playing a fairly tight/aggressive game. Details to follow...

Until next time,

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