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Wednesday, April 19, 2006 

No News is Good News?

I have very little to report when it comes to various poker happenings these last few days. Which, in all likelihood is probably good news. I say that because I've been absolutely miserable since Saturday. Therefore, playing poker in a poor state of mind would have cost me money. By not having played, I in essence have profited? Look at it however you want, but in the end, no money lost is a success.

Although, I will comment on a little poker played Monday evening. Played in a $5 rebuy WSOP satellite. This was to gain you entry in to the $160 double shootout later that evening. Long story short, invested $15 and won the entry. Played in the double shoot out later on and was doing fairly well. Ended up getting in to a spot with QQ against KK. He took me down fair and square. Wasn't overly bitter about it. Was just too bad. Part of me was hoping to just snag that WSOP entry that evening. Actually, a large part of me. Close, but no cigar.

So, as to why i've been miserable these last few days. Not a very exciting story, but one I shall share anyway. Had 4 palates of sod delivered Saturday. Had hoped to have various forms of assistance in laying said sod. No luck. Ended up tilling my yard that Saturday then laying new sod across the entire back yard Sunday. Both aspects absolutely sucked donkey balls. I went to home depot to rent a decent tiller. Leave it to me to have an epiphany. A tiller attachment for my weed wacker you say? What a great idea. sigh. I buy this attachment thinking it'll work wonderfully. Very well may have, for a 4ft garden! So rather than just return the damn thing, I proceed to till my entire backyard with this glorified garden toy. What a ball busting task. Here I am tilling a rather large yard with this tiny machine that I have to dig in the ground, push forward then pull back. Anyway, 7 hours later, there goes my Saturday.

Sunday rolls around and while in pain from the previous day, I was actually geared up and ready to make my yard "purty" again. If ever I lay sod again, the one very valuable lesson learned from all this, do NOT lay 4 palates of sod in one day. Have one pallet delivered, lay that. Have another delivered down the line, lay that. So on and so forth. I started at 9am and found myself with half a yard left at 3pm with people showing up for Easter. Needless to say, I wasn't the most gracious host on Easter Sunday. I miss living in an apartment. This yard work bullshit stinks. Although, I will say this. After everything is said and done, it's nice being able to say "hey, I did that".

Did I mention I have a sunburn the likes of a burnt piece of bacon?

Alright, I'll stop my bitching now. I hope to have some time back to myself this evening to play some poker. With the pains of manual labor, sunburn, and overall grumpiness, I've played very little since last week. Time to get back in to action.


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