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Tuesday, April 04, 2006 

Random Ramblings

Not much to report on last night's activities. Played a little bit but was not able to really devote my full concentration. That being the case, felt it best not to heavily invest in several tournaments. The good news though, my damn floors are done. What an ordeal. Spent the better part of the evening sweeping, mopping, carrying out garbage, moving furniture back in, sweeping, and mopping again. All in all, I'm quite pleased with the outcome. Really gives the home a much cleaner, brighter feel. Plus, the dog piss, puke, poop stains are gone. So, woo hoo!

Next project? Let the landscaping begin. I just wasn't happy with the amount of headache and stress re-doing our floors. I really want to add to that and dig up my back yard, re-sod it, etc. All sarcasm aside, I plan on getting this little fun filled chore started this coming weekend.

And in other news...
While I don't have a lot to analyze from last nights poker play, I did come across an interesting announcement yesterday. Apparently Bet365 wants to not only send you to this years WSOP Main Event, they want to enter you in to each WSOP event leading up to the big show. While I remain faithful to PokerStars, some of the promotions floating around are really starting to appeal. May start poking around and testing out the waters. The thought of being in Vegas for two months playing as many WSOP events as one could handle would be an absolute dream come true for me. Some day, I hope to do just that on my own accord as a professional. However, the reality of marriage and obligations sets in. Poop. Damn reality getting in the way again. When the day comes though that I do take that leap of faith and turn pro full time, wifey poo and I will have to have a long talk. In the end though, if I were able to continue paying the bills consistently, she's always express support. For the most part. We'll deal with that when the time comes.


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