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Monday, April 03, 2006 

Damn Tiles!

I had very little opportunity to play much this weekend. Having your house re-tiled takes up far more from ones spare time then one would hope. Not that anyone cares, but I ended up having to finish the tiling job myself which ate up my entire Sunday. Will most likely dictate tonight as well.

Why finish the job myself? As the saying goes, “if you want it done right”. By Saturday, we were 5 days in with an incomplete floor. Most of the tile was laid, and done so fairly well. However, it was promised to be complete by Saturday, latest. During this time, my wife and I have been holed up in our bedroom with 3 dogs. This could lead one to serious drinking. I blame the dogs for any alcoholism I may have endured this past week. Actually walked around the house yesterday cursing my dogs for no reason. I formally apologize to my canine friends. At this point, it was time to re-claim our home. So, ended up grouting, and wiping down afterwards with a sponge. All I have to say, is that I’ve been sitting behind a desk for far too long. Grouting sucks. In the end though, I think I did a really fine job. I am officially patting myself on the back.

The extent of my poker highlights this weekend however are even less exciting. Finally took some time last night and played a few sit n gos. I lost every damn tournament I touched. Finally said screw it and played some live action. It’s probably been a solid year since I’ve played live with any intent to turn a profit. I’m not sure what the hells going on over at Stars, but I swear to god. Playing rings games yesterday was like night and day compared to the cards I was getting in the tournaments. Big blind, 7 4 off, flops comes, 4 4 7. A 9 early position, I limp in, flop comes 9 9 9. K J late position, flop comes 10, Q A. WTF!!? Granted, I was playing for miniscule stakes, but I really started to wonder what the deal was. I stopped to analyze if I was just seeing more flops compared to my tournament play, but I really wasn’t. For the 5 sit n go’s lost, I made my entry fee’s back on this one no limit table in the course of 2 hours. At that point, I took my marbles and went home so to speak.

I’m not one to question the reasoning why cards flop the way they do online. You take the good, you take the bad…and there you have….bah, nevermind. Point is, I remain quite optimistic in comparison with many. Last night though, I had to ask the question. However, I’ll leave that question unspoken for the time being.

As for plans this evening. I hope to get my damn furniture back in order before I do anything. Once I do though, I’m going to take a crack at this live action again just to test the waters. I’ll keep everyone posted.


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