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Thursday, April 13, 2006 

Today's Lesson...

Today's Lesson: Do NOT slow play pocket queens 3 positions away from the final table!

Played in my typical $10 MTT event last night. Found myself doing pretty well through the entire tournament. Made the money and continued adding chips from there. Played a fairly tight/aggressive game throughout. Ended up on the last two tables with $150,000 in chips. Average stack at this point was around $90K. Took a little hit with A10 cracked by Q9. Found myself at $80k. Came up with pocket queens. This hand had been doing extremely well for me all evening. At this stage, everyone was playing extremely aggressive. All in or nothing. People pushing with Q9, J10, etc. I was in middle position. My thinking was await the raise and push from there. One caller. Flop comes JJ10. Long story short, my opponent held J9 thus busting me in 12th place. Still made a decent showing. Needless to say though, I should have known better. I was playing smart the entire tournament, one bone head play and it's over. That's how it goes.

In Other News...
Played a few sit n go's at our local Jacksonville Poker Room Monday night. I usually stay away from this establishment. Having once dealt there, I'm just far too familiar with the donkeys in this room. You get what you pay for and with live play blinds not able to exceed $2. But I do try to check out their tournaments every now and again. Monday they offered 10 handed sit n gos with top 2 spots paid. Played two, placed 2nd in both. Not bad for some crazy play. Trick there is to be patient, wait for your hand then sucker someone by getting them to get all their chips in. Doubling up is the key with blinds increasing every 13 minutes.

And Lastly...
A special thank you to Matt and the crew at pokersavvy.com. I was invited to participate in a poker blogger freeroll this past Tuesday. Great bunch of people. had fun with my horrible showing. =)

Take care all,

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