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Tuesday, April 25, 2006 

Practice Patience

I know I deliver this message quite often, but it bears repeating. This advice can be applied in several scenarios, but let's concentrate on Turbo Sit n Go's.

Practice Patience!

While it's tempting to be overly aggressive in the beginning, time and time again I see people push all in and loose their entire stack in the first 10 minutes. While everyone has their own style, I just don't see this as smart poker in such a setting with blinds increasing every 12 minutes.

If you don't want to think too deep on this topic the formula is simple: Let everyone knock eachother around for the first few levels, wait for your move, then double, triple, and quadruple up. You're cards will come. Better yet, your position will come.

Once the wild childs are knocked out, you can then concentrate on poker. Wait for your position and or cards, and you'll find plenty of opportunity to do your bidding.

I bring all of this to light having played in a few turbo sit n go's last night at the Jacksonville Poker Room. An establishment not very well known for it's patient players. Knowing this, each time I play in these tournaments I usually do fairly well just letting everyone knock eachother out and practicing patience. Granted, I've had my share of over anxious moments, but being able to recognize such scenarios and knowing when to reign those temptations in is key. Played two tournaments last night, placed 1st in each. Now if I could just develop a formula to ensure that happens each time I could quit my real job. Sigh.

And In Other News...
Just a quick update on my WSOP progress. Obviously I have not yet won my seat, but I have been having success playing in the $5 satellites to gain entry in to the $160 double shoot out. (same method used to win last year's seat) I've now played in three of this little
satellites and have won my seat each time to the shootout. Haven't made it past the first table yet, but for minimal investment, I've been getting my odds in the mix.

PokerStars bank-roll I still healthy. Working with $750 at the moment. Hope to continue increasing that number while using profits toward further WSOP satellites. Hopefully we can discuss new successes on this topic soon.

Until then...

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