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Monday, April 24, 2006 

A Little R & R

Poker wise, not a very productive weekend. For that matter, wasn't a very productive weekend in general which isn't necessarily a bad thing I guess. Yet, I still found myself worn out by Sunday evening.

Friday was a very good evening from a personal perspective. My longest/best friend from Ma. was in Orlando with her family vacationing. Had not seen her in about four years. Drove down Friday afternoon. From Jacksonville, only took 2 hours which for the side of Orlando I had to trek to, was not bad at all. Nabbed a hotel room, hung out there for a spell, then had dinner with her and her family. From there, had a great time down at Church St. Station. If any of you are familiar with Orlando, you know this is a cool little spot. Anyhoo...was great seeing her and her family. I look forward to visiting her soon in Ma. Will be a great reason to check out Foxwoods while I'm up there.

Saturday ended up being a recuperation day. Was't really feeling poorly, just tired. Didn't even turn the computer on. After various family obligations Sunday, finally had a chance to get online and play a little last night. Felt like I was in a fairly decent state of mind, yet I could not cash to save my life. Dropped over $100 in an hour. Finally took one last stab at a $38 sit n go. Took first place and earned back my loss for the day. Ended up breaking even.

So, like I said, not a very productive poker weekend, but it was nice just hanging with friends and family. Sometimes you need a little R & R for your brain.

Thanks all,

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