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Friday, April 28, 2006 


Mr. Bubble to you...
Been a long while since the last bubble appearance. However, sadly, last night I experienced the joyful bliss known as going out on the bubble in a 180 person $20 MTT. While I'm not going to stomp my feet and hold my breathe, I really really dislike going out on the bubble. In hindsight though, I should probably be pleased with the comeback I experienced last night. I was not doing well at all for the majority of the tournament. Finally got backed in to a corner where I went all in with 44 and ran up against 55. I actually doubled up with a 4 on the flop. Doubled up a few more times and found myself in a decent position to make the money. As the tournament continued, obviously the blinds increased. My hands went dead and I found that I was letting the blinds eat me alive. So, as the money approached, I made the decision to push with the next decent hand. I wanted to be armed and ready to win the tournament, not just skim by. 18 places pay, I look down and see that I'm 20th of 20 with AK. At this stage, I figured alright, let's make a run for it. As I push, I realize that one other individual went out on another table leaving 19 people. Had I known this before pushing, I think I would have folded. But make the push I did. Ended up against JJ who caught a J to boot. And there I am out on the bubble.


Called it a night after that. Figured had I continued my play at that point, I would have been too aggressive wanting to make as much money in a short amount of time. So, ended up going to bed early which was probably much needed.

Weekend plans...
Poker wise, I do plan on hitting a few WSOP satellites. I also want to take a good crack at the 1 million tourney satellites for Sunday. These damn satellites have been my bane these last few weeks. Finishing second in these one table satellites is becoming a habit. This will be my week! Beyond that, have to finish laying sod this weekend. Glad to have this over and done with.


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