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Saturday, May 06, 2006 

Stupid Tequila...

Stupid Tequila...
Yeah, so...Tequila has certainly put a damper on my poker progression for the day. Did the whole Cinco de Mayo thing last night. Strangely, wasn't hung over. Just really tired today. Didn't even get home all that late. So, just taking it easy today. Spent the day hanging out with family. Actually, had some fun with the Derby today. During our gallivanting today, made a pit stop at the dog track and made a few strategic wagers on the horse race. I fell in to a pile of poo. I know absolutely nothing when it comes to betting on horses, dogs, chickens, whatever. Figured it all out and made several small bets but made one larger one on the 8 horse. Damn horse came in! I was extremely pleased. Wasn't expecting a nickel. Just wanted to take part in the excitement. Nice surprise indeed.

Anyhoo, going to hit a satellite tonight and call it a day.

until tomorrow...

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